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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Rocket City Jeeper - Quick and easy install and it works exactly as described

    This is the first thing everyone with a dual mode GM exhaust should install on their car. Quick and easy install and it works exactly as described. My car now sounds like it should always.

  • Blue Eyes - Pamper that baby!!!

    Nothing better than pampers!!! And they know it too because their prices are a bit too pricey for me to buy them forever! I like to use them up to size 3, then I switch to luvs. For my two boys when they were in size 3 they weren't waking me at all hours of night to feed, so I didn't need as absorbent of diapers anymore. The less they eat at night, the less they seem to "go" in the night! But I do still love pampers :)

  • Andrew P Wurzer - GREAT practice tool

    Learning a musical instrument is about 20% theory and technique, and 80% practice. While there's a lot that Rocksmith can't teach you in terms of theory and technique (not that it's completely useless in this regard), it is an excellent practice tool. It makes practicing fun, and it also ramps up with your skill level, so your practicing continues paying dividends as you continue to do it.

  • kitty - disappointed

    I purchased the security camera and this adapter was recommended. It didn't work. First of all, the cable ends were male, same as for the camera. I had to find another cable to connect the two. They provided the CD-rom for installation but it's only for the USB connection software. So basically, it installed the software for that adapter. When I connected the camera, it didn't even show any image, just the screen for the software itself. Apparently, I need another software for the video which wasn't included in my package. And the manual booklet stating that it would be included. I tried to contact the seller and heard nothing from them.

  • Delaney - Awesome:-)

    I love this game! I can't believe it because I played all the ultimate simulator games! Its awesome!

  • Paula Watts - The Best He's Done So far.

    I've never read a cook book quite like this. Its amazing. Alton Brown is so funny and honest I love it.

  • razmahtaz - returned original order but ordered two more anyway...its that good LOL

    i had the celeron version of the 2015 model. websites loaded fast and could scroll down right away...i dont like laptops where websites load and you cant scroll down til everything has loaded. the display is great, ips...great viewing angles and bright too. sound is good. keyboard felt great and premium. the laptop itself felt and looked premium, atleast to me it did...i said it did but unfortunately i returned this chromebook only because when im typing an email or document, or anything that requires typing, the mouse cursor on the screen skips all over the screen, and it ruins wat im typing...i had to go back and retype everything. the battery life after charging to 100%, i was able to get a little over 5 hours with about one hours worth of 360P youtube videos with screen at about 75% and volume at 100%. other than the mouse cursor moving all over the place when typing, this chromebook is the best ive tried (tried several other display models at local electronics store, and they dont have the ips screen like this toshiba and they were all slower when loading websites)