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  • Will Hocksteader - Worked as advertised.

    I had an old mid-80s shower stall. I actually have the skills to replace the shower pan, but it was such a shame to replace it just because it was slightly discolored. I used this kit and applied two coats and it looked like new. It has been used daily for 5 months and still looks great. I even replaced the shower doors and it looked like a completely new renovation. My only negative comment would be that this mixes to the consistency of water. Maybe they do that so it can soak into any and every crack but in the case of my project I wish it had gone on a little thicker. Because it didn't go on thick, one coat was not enough and the old stains were still showing so I needed to apply a second coat. As for coverage, the shower pan was the size of a bath tub and even after two coats I still had 3/4 of the paint left. Unfortunately, I could not apply any more for the next 24 hours and since the 3/4 of can would harden before I could use it again, it had to go in the trash. In hindsight I should have mixed the product in a separate container. My guess that if you're doing a full bath tub you will easily have enough for two full coats or more. Also on any project if you want to do more than two coats, get two kits or do what I didn't and mix the product in a separate container because you cannot apply three coats before the mixed product hardens. As for applying the product I used a mini roller and it worked well.

  • J. Romano - They fit great, but there is nothing that holds the mats ...

    Bought these for my '15 Acadia from the Weathertech 'factory outlet' in Chicago. They fit great, but there is nothing that holds the mats (except the driver mat) in place, so they tend to slip a bit when entering or exiting the vehicle.

  • Alex Ibrahim - I really like those Knee Compression & Support Sleeves by MAVA

    I really like those Knee Compression & Support Sleeves by MAVA. they make me feel more comfortable during my leg workout. I like to do squats during my leg workout day, and i find these specifically helpful for this workout. They make my knees feel more stable and i feel more comfortable and that my form is more controlled using them. They can be very helpful doing these forms of exercises such as squats and power hang clean exercise, and i am sure they can helpful in other ways as well. The material seems to be of good quality and like it will last. I got the blue color and i think it looks good.

  • whitney miller - Awesome stuff. Definitely is 100% pure

    Awesome stuff. Definitely is 100% pure. I use it to keep the fleas off my dog and I use it for pimples and stuff. But i read something about demodex which really freaked me out and it said to use tea tree oil around your eyes to keep them away and just dont do that. It burned the crap out of my eyes! Its my own fault though, this stuff is good.

  • chuck - Works but needs rolled the opposite way they have it rolled.

    Works great, but should be rolled up the opposite way they have it rolled. Easier to put up when rolled with shiny side on the inside.

  • Robert - this stuff is the best, just don't expect overnight results

    this stuff is the best , just don't expect overnight results. it is like a good wine gets better with time