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  • Danielle Doyle - Wonderful for flathead!

    My son has torticollis and is developing a flat spot on the right side of his head. I ordered the pillow to use when he sleeps in his bassinet. I know I shouldnt use a pillow when he sleeps but I have no choice because the spot is getting bad! Even after only using the pillow for one night I'm noticing a huge difference in the morning! Usually his head is visibly flattened but this morning there is no evidence he's been sleeping on that side for 9 hours. I am very happy with the pillow and recommend it to anyone who's baby has a flat spot or who is looking to prevent one

  • Meh B - Satisfied

    Shampooed 50 pound Lab, used about tablespoon of shampoo. Leathered quickly, could feel the oil. Washed entire dog with small amount. Finished out quickly. Coat had a shine to it once dried. Dog seemed to scratch less after shampooing. No over powering odor

  • Alicia Knight - Made a great Tex-Mex lasagna with it instead of tomato sauce

    A gallon of salsa! This is good-quality ready-made salsa. We are using it with eggs, chicken, chili. Made a great Tex-Mex lasagna with it instead of tomato sauce. Good price too!

  • Tanya Melnick - Not worth it

    I got the dinair Airbrush around June '14 and I loved how my makeup looked when I used it. It came on so even and perfect and left a nice dewy finish. It stopped working about 3 months after I got it and I later got it repaired right before my wedding in January '15. After using it just once after repair it broke again and dinair will not contact me back about it. I wish I got more use out of it for the price I paid.


    This is by far the worst omega 3 product on the market. I suggest you read the comprehensive review by RWM. This product contains a per capsule total of 17 mg of EPA and DHA, which are the active ingredients everyone seeks when consuming omega 3s. 17 mg is such a small amount that it will have absolutely no beneficial effect on your body, so you are getting NOTHING in return for your money. This expensive product has NO VALUE.