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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Jinxers - Quality product

    Quality product. Great picture. Is able to handle HD content and provides a better picture quality than my satellite. Also comes with an hdmi cable which was an unexpected bonus. The remote that comes with it is a little sub par. Get a keyboard remote to go with it.

  • millipede - Pleasant Surprise Converting from XP

    After miserably difficult and ultimately futile efforts to migrate a large number of automated applications in Office XP to Windows 7 and Office 2007, I was advised by an expert to skip Office 2007 and work with Office 2010. To be sure, VBA code needs new library references, file extensions have to be converted, and some other adjustments must be made. That being done, though, I was able to convert many large, complicated Office XP applications to Office 2010, which now run smoothly and faster on Windows 7.

  • Mabalis Eddie - Waste of Money!

    First, the plans that you can edit are a joke. Neither my wife nor I could edit a plan into anything we were trying to. It was easier to start from scratch. The training videos are helpful, but when they are produced, some functional steps are left out so following the video precisely will not get the desired result. We found that to be very frustrating, especially in the beginning steps. Be careful when you buy this software. By the time you figure out this is not the software for you, the learning curve is probably going to be longer than Amazon's return policy...

  • Caecus Fidelis Modica - Please don’t make my mistake.

    iHealth products are great and very innovative. HOWEVER; as a Newly Diagnosed individual with pre Diabetes. I’m a little upset with the purchase process. If at this point you feel the need to presume I am naive, then please do so. - Here goes. When purchasing the products for checking my glucose levels. I never once saw in the Amazon description, nor in the related items that I would need a “Control Test Solution” proprietary or otherwise. I never even knew such a thing existed. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when I received my iHealth items from Amazon, only to discover that I needed testing solution first, or my results would have been way off. I searched for a way to advise Amazon of this “snag” in the process, and when I could not find one. I had to resort to offering my experience here. I honestly had no idea that a “Control Test Solution” or as they are referred to as “Coding Solution” was needed. I spent hours on the weekend in a futile effort to find that damn solution. I didn’t find it and had to buy a completely new testing system that displayed a “NON-CODING” advisor.....

  • Lisaranaway - This product has helped me stick to my weight-loss goals ...

    This product has helped me stick to my weight-loss goals. Anytime I start getting hungry, instead of going for junk, I make a shake. I usually drink two per day, and plenty of water. One responsibly portioned meal of whatever I want to eat. I have IBS and acid-reflux. This product gives me NO digestive problems or gas. It's not super-sweet, but it has no funky after-taste or smell.

  • M. Weisdorfer - Saved the day

    I have a 2008 BMW X5 with 3.0si engine that hasd 121,000 miles. The leak was somewhere on the corner of the drivers side of the radiator. I replaced the blue drain plus and the hose that runs from the bottom of the radiator to the the trasmission cooler with no result. I do not know where the leak was coming from as those the only pieces that could have been leaking other the the radiator itself. The winter of 2014 was the worst in Michigan history with more days under 20 degrees and more inches of snow ever recorded since 1884. I tried this product with some hesitation given the reviews. Yes, it had 5 stars, but is also had a few 1 starts too. If this did not work, my next step was going to be to replace the radiator at $400.00 for the cost of a new aluminium radiator plus my time taking the old one out and installing the new one not to mention replacing the radiator fluid at $30.00 a gallon on a BMW using Amsoil brand, which is 100% pure and cutting it in half via distilled water.

  • Amazon Customer - No User Input During Installation

    I would have rated the software 4 stars, except Roxio does not allow users to select features, shortcuts, etc. during the installation process. Even the default settings remove previous user settings without the user's knowledge. Older versions allowed some customization during the installation; however, that is no longer true. After I installed the software, I inserted a CD. One of the Roxio applications started up. With a little search, I was able to deactivate that feature. I also noticed that "Auto run" was disabled so my CD's would not automatically open Windows Media Player. I am still finding other items that Roxio configured without my knowledge. Just this morning I saw an item in the drive list (under "Computer" in Windows Explorer) - it is labeled "Roxio Burn Disc Viewer". I thought I configured Roxio Burn Disc to not open.