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  • Carolyn Roome - Easy to swallow and nails seem to be getting stronger

    Been taking them for a few days and they are bad to swallow and they have all the essentials to help your hair and nails. I noticed that my skin is looking a little more plumper and my nails are getting a little stronger.

  • Tough unit, great price - Tough unit, great price

    I tried this camera out during a ride in the mountains. It worked just as the manufacturer stated. The picture quality, although not HD, is excellent. The unit is tough as well. During a high speed wreck, the camera was ripped from my helmet,(had it tethered as the manufacturer suggested)and continued to record without any problems. The only issue I had was that after recording a 5 minute ride, I turned the camera off. When I tried to start another recording, I held the power button down until the light came on, released it, and the light went off. Thinking the batteries had already failed, I replaced them, and had the same results. I was quite dissapointed at first, but after playing with the camera found that holding the button down longer was the trick. The light will flash on and off once, then turn red(record). Otherwise, the unit operated as advertised, and was easily worth the price.

  • Robert P. Dougan - Water Drip Sounds in Some Songs

    I didn't see other reviewers mention it, but mine came written in Chinese on the main screen. I finally figured out that I needed to go to the "Settings" icon and find "Language" toward the bottom of the screen (and you DO need to scroll down past the original settings screen) to convert it to "English." I then had some clue what the rest of the icons on the screen meant. There are two 2" x 3" sheets of instructions written in English that are your user manual. The rest is written in other languages. None of it mentions the conversion to English.

  • Upnorth - Weather tech floor liner - F150 CC

    The front floor liners are pretty nice and fit good. The rear floor liner doesn't seem as thick and doesn't fit quite as nice. It also doesn't allow the cup holder to come down all the way so it doesn't sit level. Overall they are a nice set, but I'm not so sure they are worth the $200 price tag.