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  • Jordan - Cautious, but Purple did not disappoint.

    For years I have had the issue of sweating in my sleep. No matter what bed I used, I was constantly sweating. My wife hates it, I hate it, and it became so much the norm that it was not if I could find a bed that I wouldn't sweat in but a bed that I would hopefully sweat less in.

  • Betty - NO crusty dishes to deal with

    Best of all, there were NO crusty dishes to deal with later. We just popped everything into the trash bin and went on our merry way.

  • bookluver1999 - The best money I've spent in a long time!!

    The best money I've spent in a long time!! I put a case and this tempered glass screen on my iPhone 6s when I got it. A week after I got it I was leaning over to close my car door and my phone fell out of my pocket as the same time. Needless to say I smashed my phone with my car door and the screen cracked. I was SO upset!!! Turns out it was the tempered glass screen that cracked and protected my iPhone screen!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I've been telling everyone to get one of these!!! You will NOT regret buying this screen.. EVER!!!!!!!!!! Plus since it came in a two pack I was able to immediately replace the cracked screen!!! OH!!!!!!!!! and one more thing that amazed me.. this screen is SO easy to put on it blew my mind!! I was use to those film screens that you had to labor over working out the bubbles out.... NO! this thing is so easy to put on!!!!! All I can say is if you need a screen protector for your phone... GET THIS ONE!!!!

  • Joshua James Duane Otis - The war to end all wars. But is it the FPS to end all FPS's in 2016?

    I've been playing Battlefield titles since my PS2 days with Modern Combat and while my fervor and passion for latenight FPS-fests may have dulled, my love for the series certainly hasn't. I had access to the beta for BF1 on my Xbox and found the multiplayer to be a solid mix of classic FPS elements with new gunplay tweaks to account for the historical backdrop in which the game takes place. DICE has always done a solid job of trying to incorporate feedback into patches and they managed to take most of my issues with the beta and work them out before the final release.

  • Scott - IT WORKED

    It actually worked, my wife is enjoying more fuller hair, which she lost when having extensive surgery. I didn't think that it would.

  • stephanie s gelfand - Glad we went purple!

    Believe them when they say the mattress is heavy! We've had the purple for about 3 weeks now and my chronic shoulder pain is decreased and my neck/back have not been a problem for about 2.5weeks. It also was a little cool sleeping on for the first week... My husband was concerned with being too hot and that has not been a problem.

  • andre derek protas - bad taste ; despite their recommendation, i wouldn't consume it

    well, first off, it's only for one tube, unlike the picture of 3. my bad for not reading carefully, but it's the first time i've seen a quantity not match the picture so i just assumed 3 (i'll take the blame i guess).