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ZURAMPIC® (Lesinurad) HCP Site Official Site from Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - ZURAMPIC is indicated for the treatment of hyperuricemia associated with gout in patients who have not achieved target serum uric acid levels with an XOI alone.

  • https://www.zurampichcp.com/Mechanism-of-Action.html URAT1 Inhibitor | ZURAMPIC® (lesinurad) - ZURAMPIC is a URAT1 inhibitor that reduces sUA by increasing renal excretion of uric acid (UA).
  • https://www.zurampichcp.com/Efficacy.html ZURAMPIC® (lesinurad) Efficacy | Allopurinol Combination - Efficacy data showing outcomes when ZURAMPIC was added to allopurinol in patients with gout who failed to achieve target sUA levels with allopurinol alone.
  • https://www.zurampichcp.com/Efficacy/ZURAMPIC-febuxostat.html Efficacy in Renal Patients | ZURAMPIC® (lesinurad) - Efficacy data showing outcomes for ZURAMPIC was added to allopurinol in patients with mild or moderate renal impairment.
  • https://www.zurampichcp.com/Safety-and-Dosing.html General Safety Profile | ZURAMPIC® (lesinurad) - View the general safety profile for ZURAMPIC (lesinurad), including clinical trial experience, and common side effects.
  • https://www.zurampichcp.com/Safety-and-Dosing/Renal-Safety-Information.html Renal Safety Profile | ZURAMPIC® (lesinurad) - View the general safety profile for ZURAMPIC (lesinurad), including common side effects, and data in patients with renal impairment.
  • https://www.zurampichcp.com/Safety-and-Dosing/Dosing.html ZURAMPIC® (lesinurad) Dosing Information - ZURAMPIC (lesinurad) has 1 recommended dose, 200 mg once a day in combination with allopurinol.

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