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  • Sachie - Just like the Lionesse product

    I bought a similar product from a Lionesse kiosk in the mall for about $150.00 - and this product did the exact same thing! Just like the Lionesse product, I could see the dead skin coming off of my face. After I use this product, my face glows and feels so much softer. My moisturizer is also absorbed into my skin, instead of just sitting on it because the dead skin doesn't allow it to penetrate as well. I'm buying this product for all my girlfriends this Christmas!

  • Sacto Merchants - Great Explanations

    Overall, this text is well put together. It has good explanations and examples in each chapter. If you choose to take the time and do the self test questions at the end of each section, the answers are in the back. Also, the end of the chapter problems have answers that you can check your work. I haven't used the supporting web material yet, but there are tools and supporting material to download.

  • Trevor Ritsema - The illustrations are amazing, it's nice to be taken back into a ...

    Stunning, this is a must have for anyone who is a Harry Potter fan or a book collector! The illustrations are amazing, it's nice to be taken back into a world that so many have fallen in love with. Pre-ordered this book awhile back got it the day it was released, thanks for making me look cool Amazon, first of my Harry Potter friends to have it.

  • Mystic Daizy - Not just for beards

    I love sandalwood combs and I have quite a few of them. I love the Aromatic scent of the wood. This is one of my favorites. It has a fine side and a wider side for different types of beards or hair. I personally don't have a beard but I use this comb on my toddlers hair. He has very fine thin hair that is thick on his head, if that makes any sense. I use the wide tooth side first to get the big tangles out then the fine side to fine tune the style. The comb came in a very nice gift style box with a muslin bag for storing the comb. This comb would definitely make an excellent gift to any man with a beard. It would also make a cute keepsake for your little guy. This comb is for my son, he uses it now and because these combs last a lifetime, he will also be able to use it in his adult life. I definitely love this comb and I highly recommend is for the little, or big guy in your life.

  • Marie - Great for feet but only feet!

    Warning, ladies DO NOT use this wash on your private areas as it can alter your pH level and lead to growth of bacteria and yeast infections. I had this happen to me several times until my doctor and I realized that the problem was this wash. It works wonders on my feet but I cannot use it anywhere else.

  • Park Gimbap - It didn't really moisturize but it's a darn good cleanser.

    Thought this was a cleanser and moisturizer. It didn't really moisturize but it's a darn good cleanser.