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  • Jo Lloyd - It works best with Saran Wrap!

    Used it on my Mom's phantom shingles. Best if you put Saran Wrap on immediately and tape it down with first aide tape. Probably too expensive for us to use for the chronic pain my mom has, but if you are using it for temporary pain like tatoos, it would be great.

  • Han Solo - Parsecs

    You lookin' for passage to the Alderaan system? Well let me tell you this Tv made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. She's the fastest Tv in the Galaxy you won't be disapointed.

  • J. Lovin' Tool - What Happened to "Paying One's Fair Share?"

    Are you going to be good little Marxists and pay all of what the IRS says you owe-the full percentage according to you tax bracket, or go on playing this cheater's game?

  • Walter L. Meck IV - Not everything is in this software.

    It works well on what they give you. BUT! the one thing that these software and computer world does is to mislead you to believe that all that they are showing you is in the product they are showing you. IN FACT! it is not all there as they lead you to believe. So if you want all that they said they had you end up paying more that twice what you paid for. They give you a few poorly done extras so that they could say that it has all that. False advertisement is the thing of our day that a lawyer will argue is not! but as long as you know that you don't get everything without paying for the WHOLE software that they are showing you will be glad that they did many newer connections in the program.