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  • Kismet - Marketing algorithms exposed!

    Really, really excellent book on the use of Big Data in today's connected world. Author investigates policing, incarceration, schools, marketing, and the political process from the perspective of a data scientist who has seen how algorithms are used with unintended consequences. I especially like her push for the use of big data for justice and benefit to society instead of all the nefarious purposes it is put to now. Easy read.

  • Dennis Woodruff - Okay but Adjustment Rod Does Not Work

    The adjustments on the rod does not work because you cannot get them on or off the rod due to the 90 degree bends on the rod. Adjustment rod is basically useless.

  • Brett Husebye - I ended up having a blowout because of this crap in a 2 million dollar apartment

    I can say I used this years ago, warning. If you are a plumber or pipefitter do NOT use this on cutter wheels for a tool that you cut pipe with and then solder. I ended up having a blowout because of this crap in a 2 million dollar apartment. It has a really high temp rating. So if this gets on your pipe you might as well start over by cutting the joint or coupler out or look for a new job ;)

  • SiennaStix - A MUST-HAVE for relaxed hair

    First of all, I am African-American and I swear by this stuff... along with the Joico Silk Result shampoo and conditioner, this allows me to stretch out time until my next relaxer on my 4a/4b textured hair. My hair is kinky, thick-wiry, and I have very dry scalp. This helps smooth down my hair weightlessly and infuse into it cationic hydration and botanical/marine moisturizers- not mineral oil as a cheap filler.