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  • C. Sims - Wet & Forget Mildew Remover

    I've used this before and was surprised to find it on Amazon cheaper than from the main website. It really works. You can spray a large concrete area and over time it removes the mildew and age stains. I was completely surprised when I first used it, but you do have to give it time to work over a few weeks.

  • bobolink47 - Not the best of the run

    I have found this season to be very uneven. I'm not sure if it'd related to the demise of one of the Shepherds or the vast cast. And I am sometimes confused by who is dating whom and who is related to whom. The episode that culminated in the divorce of two doctors was a mishmash that was very unsatisfying. I hate to think the series is running out of steam because it has been such great TV. I will continue to watch through this season and see what happens. Much as I hate to say it, maybe there should be more men in power roles.

  • Joe D - Don't purchase Kaplan

    We have purchased Kaplan and Princeton Review for my daughters 10th grade PSAT. We will do Barrons for 11th grade. We purchased all 3 just to figure out which would be a better SAT book down the road.

  • AZJNS777 - Read This 1st - Great printer - Instal tips to help you get going.

    This product works great! It is USB just as described. Yes the instructions are a bit confusing because of translation but it didn't take long to figure out.

  • porcelainpunish - good, but... JZW better for stage 1 only tune

    just FYI: got the JZW tune for a bmw 135i. i don't want to add any other mods, and COBB seems to tune conservatively for stage 1 only (i know its still better than stock, but not all it could be). Got JZW and couldn't be more pleased with the extra power and torque above 3k RPM, but still drives like bmw engineers intended. nothing is taken away from the experience, only loads of power at your disposal. it was $300 less than COBB and the tune is more in line with Renntech (in my opinion).

  • L. Loso - You need this!

    If you're like me and on road trips you like to wipe down your windshield off of bug juice, this is the buy for you. Because the long cumbersome antenna wrecks your ability for that long clean smooth wipe, quickly. Your radio signal is not impaired in the least. And the short antenna gives you free range of cleaning your windshield effortlessly without some long lanky cumbersome antenna in your way. Love it!