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  • JAlex - My second kit

    I got my first kit for christmas...the basic kit with light beer refill. I was looking for more refills and this was priced only nine dollars more than the two pack refill that includes the same aztec beer. I bought this without thinking about it. It gives me another keg, so I can rotate batches now, another set of bottles, and two refills for 9 dollars more. Bought it without thinking. The product is really easy to use. Just two days ago I bottled both of the batches that came with this kit and started a new batch. It took me approximately an hour and a half to sterilize two cases worth of bottles, bottle all my beer, and start one new batch fermenting. The beer comes out with much more flavor than I expected and it is truly nice to see your "hard work" pay off. I say it like that because it really isn't that hard and the kit is setup to do it on autopilot. I did buy a few things since starting this hobby. I bought a digital thermometer to be able to precisely tell what the temp is where I am fermenting/carbonating. I also bought a bottle capper and some bottle caps so I can use old corona bottels as well as the PET bottels provided. I plan on rotating kegs and having one finished batch every week. Starting my pipeline.

  • IthacaRed - Obnoxious cast, Sloppy editing

    The pace, premise and intentions were good. The people are horrible. They might as well have been teenagers...they were that annoying as they hammed it up for the camera. Very middle America suburbanites trying hard to be hipsters. Angela is the worst. So obnoxious and juvenile. At one point she puts a live octopus in her mouth and in the next scene complains that she doesn't feel well and says she thinks it was the baby octopus. So did she eat a live baby animal? There were way too many interludes where you see them traveling, being obnoxious in the car, trying far too hard to be quirky/funny/likeable, eating and talking about things with no substance or connection to the film. It was nice to see their growth at the end of the film, as they shared what they had learned but for the first 2/3 of the film I was frustrated that their knowledge seemed to all come from entertainment. They didn't even include a medium until the end of the film. Some of the "experts" being interviewed randomly throughout the film weren't even introduced.

  • DocJ2005 - A must, along with BRS Pathology and QBank

    I wouldn't recommend reading this book 6 times cover to cover as the guy below me did, but it's definitely a must for Step I. Good images, great high yield info, wonderful index, great buzz-word association section, and helpful reviews of other medical texts at the end. You're making a big mistake if you don't pick this one up... if you have the time (and the lack of social life) to read this book cover to cover 6 times, more power to you... if you get through it once, more power to you. A must!

  • Jennifer - Had a major roast infestation here and got rid of ...

    Had a major roast infestation here and got rid of them within a few weeks with this product along with borax powder along every edges, corner of counters and cupboards and floor. (Put borax behind and under the fridge, dish washer and oven as well).

  • A Asgari - Sturdy and strong

    Good quality, slim design and easy to install and remove from the phone. After just few weeks of using the back is full of small scratches but I really don't care as you hardly can see them, and after all that's why the cover is there. Have dropped the phone couple of times already and survived, nothing serious though and just gentle drops on soft surfaces.

  • Lexie P💕 - Sucksssssss

    Finally got my product don't know what happened anyhow, I tried it has a stinky smell almost like a funky smell of peroxide. Used it once gave me a horrible uti & yeast infection! Oh & im unable to get my "money back guarantee"

  • M. Morris - I love to organize

    I love to organize! This works great! We have it on our dresser and at night each child is to have their device plugged up to charge before their bedtime. Seeing their device charging we know they are going to be asleep not staying up to all hours watching movies or playing games. Since we have 4+ items plugged up at once this really helps organize the outlet. Before buying this it was hard to get all the charging things at one outlet. This has really helped. It charges everything overnight just fine. Have not tried charging anything just for an hour or two because we needed it for overnight. Love it.