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Wichita Urology | The Region’s Premier Urology Center - The Wichita Urology Group is the region’s premier urology center practicing in Kansas, Sedwick County, Wichita and surrounding areas.

  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/patient-resources/pay-your-bill-online/ Pay Your Bill Online | Wichita Urology - The Wichita Urology Group offers online billing to all our patients as a secure and simple method of payment. All information entered and submitted on our
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/about-us/ About Us | Wichita Urology - Why Choose Wichita Urology? The Wichita Urology Group is the region’s premier urology center. The group consists of 9 board certified physicians who are al
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/about-us/our-physicians/ Our Physicians | Wichita Urology - Wichita Urology Group’s board-certified, compassionate team of physicians are also skilled surgeons with vast experience in robotic and minimally invasive
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/about-us/advanced-practice-providers/ Advanced Practice Providers | Wichita Urology - Training, experience and continuing education fuel our practice and that expertise shows in each one of our advanced practice providers. At Wichita Urology
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/about-us/our-staff/ Our Staff | Wichita Urology - This is where our entire staff comes in. These diligent, dedicated individuals keep us focused on our primary objective: helping and healing. In addition t
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/urology-conditions/ Urology Conditions | Wichita Urology - 1. PSA Screening 2. Prostate Cancer 3. Kidney & Urethral Stones 4. Overactive Bladder 5. Erectile Dysfunction 6. Urinary Tract Infection Your urinary s
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/urology-conditions/bladder-cancer/ Bladder Cancer | Wichita Urology - The physicians of the Wichita Urology Group are members of the American Urological Association and understand the importance of providing the most accurate
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/urology-conditions/kidney-disorders/ Kidney Disorders | Wichita Urology - Common Kidney Disorders Kidney and Urethral Stones Kidney Cancer Your kidneys — located in your lower abdomen — clear any excess liquid and waste from your
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/urology-conditions/prostate-conditions/ Prostate Conditions | Wichita Urology - Common Prostate Conditions Prostate Disease (BPH) Prostate Cancer If you do not know what your prostate is or what it does, you are not alone. Most often,
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/the-man-plan/ The Man Plan | Wichita Urology -     What is The Man Plan™? The Man Plan is a 12-week health and wellness program that has been specially created for men living with prostate can
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/urology-conditions/urinary-conditions/ Urinary Conditions | Wichita Urology - Common Urinary Conditions Blood in the Urine (Hematuria Microscopic/Gross) Nocturia (Excessive Urination at Night) - See BPH Overactive Bladder Urinary Con
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/clinical-trials/ Clinical Trials | Wichita Urology -   The physicians and staff at Advanced Cancer Therapies and Wichita Urology Group devote a portion of their time to the future by participating in cli
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/services-and-procedures/ Services & Procedures | Wichita Urology -   The physicians of Wichita Urology Group have decades of experience with procedures involving every aspect of the male and female urological systems.
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/services-and-procedures/da-vinci-robotic-technology/ da Vinci Robotic Technology | Wichita Urology - Common da Vinci Robotic Technology Procedures Cystectomy (Continent Urinary Diversion) Nephrectomy (Ectopic Ureter) Pyeloplasty (Ureteropelvic Junction (UP
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/services-and-procedures/psa-screening/ PSA Screening | Wichita Urology - What is PSA Screening? The Prostate Specific Antigen screening is a blood test used to identify elevated levels of this naturally occurring enzyme. High le
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/services-and-procedures/transurethral-procedures/ Transurethral Procedures | Wichita Urology - Common Transurethral Procedures Transurethral Resection Bladder Tumor (TURBT) Transurethral Resection Prostate (TURP) What is a Transurethral Resection? Tr
  • http://www.wichitaurology.com/patient-resources/ Patient Resources | Wichita Urology - The Wichita Urology Group strives to provide the most seamless and positive healthcare experience for all our patients. There are several resources on this

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  • H. Madison - " Angle Was Wrong" Was Wrong

    I can't believe anyone could be so inept as to think that they couldn't slice their bananas because they bent "the wrong way." All that person has to do is to buy the model 571C Banana Slicer that is for bananas that bend the other way. Although I prefer left-bending bananas, I got both the 571B and the 571C so that when shopping, I don't have to have the hassle of finding bananas with the correct polarity. I hope "Angle Was Wrong" sees the light and removes that harsh one-star rating for this indispensable product duo.

  • retroclassic - Most Comfortable Bra Ever!

    So disappointed to see this bra discontinued! There is nothing else like it! Have worn this style bra for years almost exclusively for a reason-its so comfortable and is great for smaller to medium busted women esp. with bigger band sizes. The cups are smooth and shaping without looking fake and the lace band doesn't bind while giving support with freedom of movement. I sleep in these bras without discomfort. I wear a 38B or 38C and love the 3 hook back wide band as it helps give support and hide back fat as weight fluctuates. Please Warners, bring this Bra back!!!!

  • Ramblings From Beneath the Sheets - I enjoyed the little plot twists

    I didn't know this was part of a series and I don't think it matters one way or the other that I had not read the previous ones. For the most part - This was a decent rockstar read. I enjoyed the little plot twists. There were a few things towards the end hat I didn't think played out like I saw in my mind. But hey.....I'm not the author. I did enjoy it enough that I'll most likely go back and try to read the others in the series.

  • Lisa Soto - I do like how easy it is to apply

    I have been using this 2 weeks. I have noticed in some areas my brows are growing but in areas that really need it, it's not. However, I do like how easy it is to apply! I'm going to keep using it and hope that it will keep working on the harder areas and will report if it does.

  • Jaques Morel - Not really about sex - about being a better partner for your lady

    As I was reading it about a year ago, I kept wishing I had read it in high school. I would probably have enjoyed my relationships a lot more and likely avoided the needless heartache and mental anguish that comes along with being a "nice guy" who has always responded to fit tests and tantrums by working even harder to please. I feel it has benefited both myself and my wife. I definitely have an easier time dealing with the very confusing and frustrating behavior that can come out, and am no longer afraid to call out inappropriate behavior. I found this book after coming across the author's blog and wanted to know more about fit tests. That aspect alone is worth the read. It's easy to read (I couldn't stop) and very entertaining. I will share this book with my son when he's old enough to benefit from it.