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Family fun day out |Things to do Mayo | Historic home - Westport House and Pirate Adventure Park has welcomed over 5 million visitors with its range of heritage, family-fun, camping and now adventure activity offerings. From small beginnings of 2,700 visitors in 1960, it has become one of Ireland’s best loved attractions and was recently voted Best Family Visitor Attraction in Ireland. One of those rare attractions, it appeals to everyone with its extraordinary mixture of history and heritage blended with the fun of the amusement park and the adventure activities as well as a varied events calendar. The Caravan & Camping Park provides an ideal family holiday spot with excellent amenities. Further, Westport House is a remarkable setting for an exclusive wedding or event, film or photo shoot location – both indoors and out.

  • http://www.westporthouse.ie/schools/ School Tours - Westport House - Your school tour will find the perfect home at Westport House. The unique blend of education and fun is sure to be a big hit with primary school students
  • http://www.westporthouse.ie/tour-operators/ Award winning experiences for groups on the Wild Atlantic Way - We welcome tour operators and group organisers to bring international visitors our way and we will roll out the red carpet with our heritage experience.
  • http://www.westporthouse.ie/event/winter-wonderland/ Magical Santa Experience at Westport House - Meet Santa, Mrs Claus and the Elves at Winter Wonderland at Westport House in the stunning setting of this 18th century house. A magical family day out!

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