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  • Tammy - Great for the price!

    If you are considering getting an in car camera and don't want to spend a fortune then these are worth considering. I've been using two for the last three days and no problems.

  • Kids love it! - Didn't help my son

    I bought this and rubbed it on my pregnant belly for 9 months, I then rubbed this on my sons forehead for the first 10 years of his life... I am VERY disappointed that my son is not a wall climbing, nunchuck swinging, green hero. I now have a defective "hero" with ADHD. Don't buy this.

  • Jeffrey Siegel - Works better than expected.

    Tried the process and worked better than I expected. Lost 22 lbs and found a new way to eat, organically better.

  • Christian Stevenson - Three Stars

    It seems to work ok.......I just don't see any difference to set it apart from other "super" glues.

  • Deborah D. - Majestic Retinol Cream

    Energizing, therapeutic and refreshing. Perfect for anytime of the day. It is easy to use. Great quality. I love that the ingredients are simple and pure.