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  • Michael D. Marion - Sodastream abondons customers

    When I purchased my machine the store assured me I could order replacement co2 "carbonators" online. I logged on to Sodastream's website to exchange a carbonator only to discover they no longer do exchange. A large reason I purchased the product was the ability to do exchanges online. I live in a small town and mail is the only practical method of replacement. I tried two stores that were supposed to do exchanges - 50 and 65 miles away. Three trips, they never had product to exchange . It appears that the company has abandoned customers who have purchased their machines based on false assurances.

  • Eaglehawk - Good Stuff

    This watch works above and beyond the advertised specs on moto g 1st gen with android 5.1 and barcoded software download as recommended..

  • HRPeck - Works well - Good Price

    Tablets are often at least 30% broken and individually wrapped. I understand the reasons for this, but they still make a mess when opening. On the flip side, my pool chlorine level is always what I expect. We have a very large pool (over 50,000 gallons) so I use 2 floaters. I have bought this twice now and find the chlorine levels good. In the winter, I only have to add tablets once every 3 or 4 weeks. In the summer (we're in the desert), I add them every week. But I have yet to find a tablet that lasts longer. So I will continue to use these unless someone comes up with a much better product.

  • JDRN - Love this book! I passed my NCLEX!

    One of the best book I've used for my NCLEX exam! I finished this book 2 times before I took my exam. It helped a lot! It truly prepared me for the test. Their test taking strategies are amazing and helped me a lot during me exam. I would recommend this book also Lippincott's and La Charity's book.

  • Jayne In VT - Love the product, hate the packaging

    The bottle did not come with an eyedropper for application. The first time I used it I tried to pour a little into my hand but ended up with too much. I ended up transferring this to another bottle that had an eyedropper.

  • Bradford W. Linscott - Terrible Taste

    Without question,the worst tuna I have ever tasted. Awful texture and a horrible after taste. I almost gagged after the after taste set in.

  • soccer mom - perfect for my work

    why did I wait so long to buy this! perfect for my work. had been using autoCad 2000 if you can believe it. was afraid I would not be able to work efficiently, but most of the commands are still the same and I have had very little down time