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VBMA - Veterinary Business Management Association - The Veterinary Business Management Association is a student-driven organization dedicated to advancing the profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities, and empowering students to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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  • Kate Finch - Best at controlling my hot flashes!

    I've been post menopausal for the last 7 years. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and was forced to stop my hormone replacement therapy. That's when I had my first hot flash! I went to my Dr. and she suggested all natural "clean" creams which can be found at stores like whole foods or co-ops. I found a co-op that offered a few brands which I tried over the years. They helped, but this brand, Natural Woman, has been by far the best at controlling my hot flashes. Recently I ran out and went back to the store I've always purchased it at and they no longer carry it, so I found it online and can already tell the difference. The other creams just don't work as well for me and I'm so grateful I can now order it whenever I'm running low.

  • Amazon Customer - Cannot get it to download on my system. One ...

    Cannot get it to download on my system. One error message says I can't download a 64-bit because I have a 32-bit already on the system, the next one says I can't download a 32-bit because I have a 64-bit already on the system. What a meass

  • Rhonda - Excellent.

    This is really good. It does work with pin point accuracy and in the day light its so easy to read. I recommend using the attached screen rather than the stick wind shield lens.

  • Sherri - works well. quite fast.

    I received this in good order with no signs of flaws or damage. I ordered this for an upgrade project on my main system to use as a cache drive. As that machine is still being built I tested it on the one it will be replacing. The installation is straight up for anyone that has installed a drive. For most PC's you will of course need some sort of mount or adaptor to properly install the 2.5" drive. In my case it is mounted in an expansion slot frame. Drive recognized with no problems and functioned as expected. The performance difference between this drive and a "classic" HDD is quite noticeable and not at all unexpected with this drive being much faster. There are several ways to use drives of this type and speed, but the purpose I discussed previously is the one I have chosen. A cache drive to boost standard HDD performance.

  • Amazon Customer - Works consisrently

    Never buy the T-mobil retail store ones. I got 1 month ago. and it broke in 3 days. I am okay with TECHBEE`s product. They all work.

  • Golden Hoops - Fume free pest solution

    I live in an so-so apartment. Every now and again, I'll see a roach. After using bombs and every kind of spray out there with little effectiveness, I ran across Combat. Within two to three days, they were all gone! That was two years ago and just yesterday, I saw one. I hope Combat still is top notch and does the job like it use to. I wonder how many people could be saved from cancer & God knows what other illnesses by using fume free Combat...?

  • Sergio - nice book

    It is easy to read and it is oriented for users who need to use this tool but we are not full programers