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  • shawna - Restore

    Cracks me up to read the reviews. This product does what it says, the defect is operator error. I have a 1200 sq ft concrete patio and it is doing what it said it would do and the coverage is spot on. We do a lot of projects and my husband is very handy. This product covered how it said, filled the area like it said, and looks great. Read the directions if you don't want rough, use a brush to smooth it out. we rolled it on and it did wonders for our huge patio, the concrete was rough so it went on great and looks like a brand new pad. I have a 16x 38 pergola on the patio so I did the feet in restore and it turned out great.

  • YAKITROG - The ONLY thing that works!

    I tried 4 different products and THIS is the ONLY one that actually healed my skin AND gave me relief form itchy belly! A MUST have if in your 3rd trimester!

  • Teresa Phillips - ONE MAJOR FLAW

    I've had this vacuum for about 8 months. It is good except for one MAJOR flaw: When vacuuming on hardwood floors, dog hair and small crumbs actually blow AWAY from the vacuum. It is SO frustrating! This is because the *BRILLIANT* engineers put the exhaust on the FRONT of the vacuum. The only way I could actually get it to work on hardwoods was to vacuum very low to the ground (hunching way over). Then my husband rigged it by sticking an old giftcard/credit card in the exhaust vent to deflect some of the air upwards, and that helps. I am so disappointed that someone actually made a vacuum that claims to work on tile and hardwoods, yet has such a major defect. I would have returned it, but didn't want to hassle with shipping it back.

  • Martin F. Kelly - So far so good but.....

    Just received 1 week ago and set up. I will not waste your time and go over the same things that everyone else has addressed except to say that it is as heavy and as rock solid as you may have read. Design is okay but the set up, specifically feeding the wires thru the arms, could use some improvement. Was a tight fit and very easy to nick the wires when putting in the screws for the covers especially in the right hand arm. BE CAREFUL!

  • Lloyd Myers - highly recommended

    A faithful reader for over fifty years, since university, NYRkr is THE signature magazine in the English language bar none. The eclectic nature of the variety of subjects covered, the scholarship, thoroughness and quality of writing never disappoint. From politics, to current events, to medicine, theatre, science and tech, to humour, music and more a true microcism of our times and our world. You can have my New Yorker when you pry it from my cold dead hands. I even use the cover art, spliced as gift wrap. But then that's my opinion. A real treasure!