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HME Software, DME Software, Home Infusion/Pharmacy - Universal develops software exclusively for the home medical industry and home medical equipment suppliers who server their patient population with supplies and

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  • Bryan Arzani - Perfect for the new Diesel RAM that has no gas cap! Great solution!

    Fits my 2014 3500 "CAP-LESS" fuel tank! I cannot believe RAM does think or reccomend one from the factory! So it works great! bought 2 in case I lose one. NO problems!

  • City Computer - Outstanding Value and Quality Display

    This is by far the nicest desktop monitor I have owned. Everything about it is high quality, especially given the price. It's not truly "bezel-less" but as far as quality of image and quality of design it's excellent.

  • Barb B. - Great collection this year! A must-have if you love short stories

    Interestic, eclectic collection of stories, to the point where I have gone and researched some of the authors so I can buy some of their other work. This is a better collection than others I have read in past years although I do love them all. This one IMO is exceptional.

  • Becky Tamaki - Worked for me

    As a sleep deprived mother of a 2 month old and a 3 year old who also suffers from a genetic history of Slavic decent (tendency towards bags and dark circles) I had a great need to freshen up the area around my eyes before returning to work from maternity leave. The first time I put it on I noticed an improvement right away. Was kind of leery after reading some of the impassioned negative reviews but decided to try it because of the positive ones. I experienced mild burning when applying it but noticed it was worse when I applied too much and rubbed it in hard. Seriously you don't need much and just let it soak in to the top layer of skin where it is supposed to do its thing. I use it after a gentle cleaner and before a calming moisturizer (I have sensitive skin). It is not magic. I do not think it will completely eliminate heavy bags or long standing wrinkles but I believe it can help reduce them from my experiences and if it is going to work you will probably know right off the bat.

  • Cosmo - It truely is an amazing produt

    I have the Home Scalar protection system and the wirless router adapter i plug into my computer and router. This is the best product in the market. I watch my big screen tv for hours/play video games/have a head set with hardly no side effects.My body has this incredible energy and I sleep so much better at night. I have been using there home protection product/wireless adapters for almost a year now and I tell you is the best! Judge for yourself. So glad I spent my money on a product that works and is safe. My next step to to further eliminate electrical EMF by installing the Sheltzer EMF plugs througout the outlets in my home. My back pain/muscles aches/nervous system/over all concentration has improved tremendously. Try it people!

  • Cassi - Great sound. lightweight, but a little lite on extra features

    Bluetooth headsets. I have been through lots of them. Between my son and I we are using them constantly. I am always excited when I buy a new set of headphones. These are necklace style headphones. The ear buds magnetically attach to the battery areas of the headset that is around the neck. I do not feel as held together as I do with the retractable earbuds. The back of these are a little flimsy feeling too. The advantage to that is that it is lighter than other headsets of the same style. The earpieces come with multiple sizes to ensure a comfy fit. The listening time is only about 2 to 3 hours, where the others that I have had of the necklace style have gone well over 4 hours. So, weighing the options is the weight more important or is the stamina? Also, the sound of these are very comparable to other high end necklace style headphones. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a lightweight necklace style set of headphones. The microphone is noise cancelling and the controls are fairly easy to use. It paired with my iPhone immediately. Price? Worth it. So, think about what priorities are, because it does not have to cost a fortune to get a good sound.

  • Jenny Simmons - Great Read.

    I received the book on release date since I preordered. I love the show, and the book was a great read. I loved how she constantly repeated that each person's "normal" is their own and gave a great perspective of how her life has been molded not only by her choices but in many times her mistakes. Very personable and down to earth.