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  • CynthiaC - The product is easy to apply as well

    I think it's working.... The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because it's so hard to tell if your eyelashes are growing. I do notice they seem fuller than they were before. The product is easy to apply as well.

  • SuzanneK. - Caused Burns & muscle drooping

    This product burned my skin in several places, including above my eye. Also, the muscle it was supposed to lift and tone, instead was lax and drooping. It took over a month for my face to recover! I don't recommend this product.

  • Jamie B - Sneaky Company, So-So Product

    My first complaint is in the company itself. I don't trust any company that feels the need to automatically charge you for their product, read your contract carefully, they'll charge you for 60 days worth of product after your 30 day trial. They are too worried about making it a sneaky purchase that they wont ask you what color worked best for you, so here's hoping they get it right. ALSO, their credit card form on the site does not have a SSL certificate meaning your card numbers are not safe while making your purchase. Moving on to the product itself: In theory I like it. It took a while for me to get used to it but once I did I could apply it somewhat evenly. The problem is that if you do your eye makeup (liner and mascara) after your foundation you now have empty splotches where you have touched your face, awesome. The whole process takes longer than my normal routine because of the constant washing in between colors but it seems to last longer throughout the day so that's good. The machine clogs even though I wash it consistently as instructed. I personally would not buy this again, it's going to be a $300 machine that sits on my shelf.

  • Sarson - Great Sea Mud Mask

    I purchased it for my girlfriend and she is really satisfied with the product. She used it couple of times and her first impressions are positive. She feels like her skin is softer and smoother after applying this product to her face. It didn't dry out her skin. The smell of the mask is also charming. It is not bothering you when you are applying the mask on your face.

  • Caryn K - Not user-friendly

    I upgraded to family tree maker 2012. I think my old version was 2007. 2012 has a completely different format and I had to use the book a lot and help to figure out how to use it. The old version was very user-friendly and things were easy to find. This version I'm still learning to use it even after a year. There are things that I can't make it do like delete a source. Each time you source something you have to choose whether it's a new when or an existing source there are a lot more clicks and time wasted putting in information if you put in new source each time you source something it lists all as a source. I don't like the way the sources are cited. I'm still trying to figure that out. It just seems that there are so many more motions you have to go through to accomplish the same thing that the old version did. On my old version I would list the residents each time a person moved. On this version I can only seem to list one residence. On the old version I could see all of my notes on one page on this version you have to scroll down to look at the information one has entered. I would go back to the old version except it was not compatible with Windows 7.

  • Martin D. Chrusch - magnificent product

    magnificent product. made my first dvd from photos stored on my computer. in 5 minutes had my professionaly looking dvd finished and watching on my big screen sony. people who have submitted bad reviews have not checked the insructions or received a defective product.just a note that their are no instruction manuals for creator 2012 but if you contact roxio support they will give you the info to download instructions for cretor 2011, instructions which work with 2012. i can testify to that. again a fantastic product i highly recommend.