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  • Sydney J. - Well, well, well...

    Pretty good so far. I purchased this for a friend of mine who has bad acne. Within a week his face had clear up a bit. He was putting it directly on his face with a Q-tip, and had said it was burning. I researched "Tea Tree treating acne" and found out a direct application of Tea Tree oil is bad! I mean...it was burning his face. And people in the reviews mentioned after a while of direct application it not only burned their faces but it left permanent red marks. Long story short, If you're going to use this for acne, you MUST dilute the product some way. I mixed it with a facial cleanser for my friend and myself and it oddly works the same way, it's just safer and doesn't burn lol I figured it since its a natural product, it would be okay to do what my friend did, but it was lesson learned. Thankful I found out soon enough to not do a direct application before anything bad happened. Other than that, the only bad thing I have to say about the product is that it has a VERY strong smell. Open it and use it, almost your whole house will smell like it. It is VERY strong. That's all

  • SUPERMAN - Corey Done Went and Brought It!!!

    Move over Beatles, Corey done went and brought it! In what is for sure to be the biggest selling record of all-time, Mr. Feldman has done and "gone for it, go 4 it, go 4 it," Utilizing the musical brilliance of a backing band that can flat out hold instruments like nobody else, Corey has gone "Lost Boy" on us! Causing us to lose our minds at how great music can be, when Feldman decides to "go 4 it, go 4 it.", I bought this album for the probing and insightful lyrics, but was taken back more by the complex musical arrangements and the all-star ensemble that calls it self the Angel band. One can only suppose that this is the very kind of music Corey used to listen to when he was learning music and other things from his musical idol Michael Jackson. I think if Michael was alive to day, seeing Corey on stage performing this music, would make Jacko "go 4 it, go 4 it." Please, Corey, stay clean, and keep following your dream of making music, you make us all want to "go 4 it, go 4 it."