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  • BlastTyrant - Buy This Book!

    Dan Lewis' Now I Know email is the first thing I read every morning. It is always informative and entertaining at the same time. Now I have a hard copy of some of his best offerings! This book is just as great as the newsletter and makes a perfect coffee table book. I would recommend this to anyone looking to pass a little time and gain a little knowledge.

  • Ceersucker - He names names in the lyrics

    If you listen to the lyrics carefully especially in Go 4 It he practically tells you who the Hollywood pedophiles are. It's a very Hamlet way of doing it. It took him ten years to make this because writing confessions in code is difficult and time consuming.

  • Katie - Not organic

    I was considering buying this conditioner because it came up when I searched for organic products; however, this line is NOT organic. In their ingredient list, Methylchloroisothiazolinone appears. This is a widely-used preservative in products and is a known human immune system toxicant. It is restricted in other countries production lines. Check it out at cosmeticsdatabase.com. Always make sure the ingredients are safe before you buy.