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  • melissa - amazing

    great on top of other colors alone it does look green but works really well with a little light charge your good to go!

  • Kevin - Expensive

    But if you are one of use who get fever blisters its a miracle of modern science. I was sick had a high fever, got a mouth full of fever blisters, applied it once in as the blisters started to make them selves know, once when the mustache decided to start stabbing 'em, and now they are all gone with any discomfort nor did they ever manifest themselves into the unsightly sores.

  • Aaron Anderson - Run larger than expected

    I have previous versions of the air max's in size 10.5 and they all fit perfect. These in 10.5 run a little large and I wish I would have bought a size 10.

  • Shannon - Save your Money

    I purchased this machine to help with some unwanted facial hair. I received it at the very end of September 2011. It is now February 2012. I have been able to use it a grand total of six times. The 'light indicator' says that my skin is too dark and therefore it won't work most of the time. (I'm a white female...and I do mean white. No tan what-so-ever.) I have called, email, etc the company several times and they are d r a g g i n g their feet about helping me with this product. Complete waste of money.

  • Walt Wojnaroski - Wonderful stories by talented writers are offered in this edition

    Wonderful stories by talented writers are offered in this edition. Some are not easy reads but they have all the same quality--they make you think.

  • Michael W. Michelsen, Jr. - Best in the Business

    I have been a user of Writer's Market since I was graduated from college in 1978. I know of no other book that could be called indispensable as well as Writer's Market.