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  • Amazon Customer - Enjoy enjoy!!

    I really enjoy these books well done. Mayhem , Maleek and Ramsey are some real bosses they take care of problems. Love the series

  • Replicant - Awkward size......

    I don't know if I totally understand this item. I think it's basically the same as the TrackR Bravo by the same company, but just a lot bulkier. That doesn't make a ton of sense to me.

  • Monica Fernandez - IT DID NOT WORK AT ALL FOR ME

    The mice practicly pooped right on the bag. I felt like they gave me the finger and laughed at me. The sad part is that this was my last attempt to make them go away with out killing them, sadly we are back to the mice tramps the ones the snap ;(. So I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS

  • Timothy L. Upleger - This is a upgrade that is overpriced for what you get.

    Intuit has never been very upgrade friendly. This upgrade is no different. The cloud updating feature is faster, but that's about it. In all respects it looks and acts just like Quicken 2013. Come on Intuit, provide your customers with a real upgrade path. $60+ for this is nothing but a money grab.