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  • Sean S. - This is the best 55" 4K TV for the price.

    As an Apple guy, I never thought I'd say I like anything from Samsung but I LOVE this TV!! I'm glad I went with a 4K television. The picture is sharp and the blacks are deep and rich. I splurged and went with the 55" option. I paid $900 from one of the big box stores and that's honestly the best price for a 55" 4K TV that's actually a quality television. I also didn't think I'd need a smartTV option since I have an Apple TV but I haven't turned my Apple TV on in weeks. The built in Netflix and HBO Now is simple and easy to use and they stream great! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the smart remote. At first, I didn't think it would be a very effective remote but it's more than I ever thought it would be. I controls the TV, my cable box, the Blu Ray player, and my Apple TV (if I need to use it). The smart remote eliminates the need for four different remotes and it works great!

  • Brian Zielinski - Worse than Publisher 2007

    I teach yearbook and I purchased Publisher 2013 to work on my school's yearbook while at home. Little did I know that it is so slow and laggy with pictures that it is completely unusable. At my school we have publisher 2007 which works perfectly fine with the exact same files and my computer is significantly better than the bargain basement machines that we use at school. Now I still have to work on the yearbook at school and I'm out nearly $100. Thanks for nothing Microsoft.

  • MariRuthie - It worked wonders for me. . .

    I had a severe bladder infection - so bad that I was completely clogged with blood clots and couldn't urinate. Whenever I tried to force it, I doubled over with horrendous pain - the kind that makes you cry out. The advice nurse with whom I spoke while waiting to see the doctor told me to pick some up, and I did, and man! I don't know what I would have done without it. We're all different, yes, and for me it worked!!!

  • Melina - Thanks

    Started my morning shakes, so far this has been the only product I have enjoyed to help me shed the pounds

  • live4tantra - Reliable system and service.

    A lot can be said about this product, so I'll try and cover main points. Overall, the system works well. After 2 months, I have no issues with the product. No false alarms, no stickers falling down etc. You have to be somewhat a handy person to install this properly. You also have to be tech savvy to configure it properly. Arming this panel is different than a traditional alarm system. For example, you cannot arm it in home mode and then walk out. You have to open the door you plan to walk out through, arm the panel, walk out, then close the door behind you. This may seem odd, but the system works best with its key fob. You walk out of your home, then arm or disarm the system. Once you understand how to use this system, it is very useful, but you need to pay $25 per month to have a useful system with automatic alerts and police monitoring. Don't pay attention to the $15/month eye catcher or free because those will not have much use unless you don't want police monitoring or remote alerts. The best package in my opinion will have at least 2 keypads, 2 key fobs, 2-3 motions, and at least 6 door sensors. The audible siren and panic button do not serve much purpose since the base unit has a siren built in and the key fobs have panic buttons.

  • Descca - Recommend - a lot of little nuggets for those of ...

    Recommend - a lot of little nuggets for those of us who write. A great reminder of how one should deliver the written word to those who have to read it. Should be read by anyone interested in writing with clarity and correct style.

  • Salome - I have recommended this tea to my friends

    This product does what exactly is says it does. It cleans your Colin and leaves you feeling energetic. I have recommended this tea to my friends, and will continue recommending it to more people.