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The Red Pills Homepage - Punk N Roll Music - Homepage and creative hub of The Red Pills, a punk 'n' roll four piece band from West Yorkshire, England. Listen to our songs, buy CDs/T-Shirts, find out where we're gigging and talk to us on social media. Cheers :)

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  • Chuck - The Best Note-Taking Software ... BY FAR !

    I have used & been utterly fascinated with this genre of software {"note-taker," "organizer," "outliner," "free-form database," "personal information manager"} for decades. I well remember using the earliest versions of "Tornado Notes" & askSam--both of which were wonderful in their time; I've upgraded both of those apps over the years & have tested NUMEROUS other competing programs--including: *InfoSelect, *Evernote, *MyInfo, *Ultra Recall, *WhizFolders, & *TreePad.

  • Jacqueline - Wrong cube!

    I got it for my brother and the colors weren't the same as the picture and description. He really wanted the black side but instead it's white. He's not happy and neither am I.

  • J. Deschner - Everything you love about Now I Know

    I've been a fan of the email newsletter for the last year and change, so I got the book as soon as it came out. It's full of weird, interesting, exciting and mildly disturbing anecdotes and facts. Should be required reading for anyone who ends up at dinners or meetings and wants something compelling to talk about.