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  • Practical Product Reviews - High quality construction, design, and sound with so many great options!

    Let me begin by saying that of all the earphones I've owned in my life, I've never had any pair come with so many accessories! I especially love the wire tie and the carry case, but also appreciate that it comes with two different sized charging cords and even a dual port car charger to boot!

  • Peyton - used as a second source for studying for the NCLEX ...

    used as a second source for studying for the NCLEX. the tests were not as helpful as the Saunders and Elsevier book I previously purchased, but I did end up passing!

  • gussie,08,11,1981 - didnt work

    it arrived two days after i ordered it.ive had it for like two months.ive got crystals,candles all that hasnt moved except when i move it myself.i was thinking of getting another kind of board but i figured it would be a waste of money.i like how it glowsthough.but its better nothing to happened than to be terrorized by a demon ready to drag you to hell or whatever everyone warns you against.havent done it much with others except with my sister and she was moving it.shes the type to do stuff like that.i mostly by myself.

  • acttaker2011 - Get it!

    This is a great book to get familiar with the content with. It has great strategies and content that help instill confidence in yourself. I recommend that you get this book for a overall/basic look into the ACT. Then I recommend that you get a highly specialized book to target week points along with books full of exams. This book alone cannot get you a 34-36 but this book in conjunctions with more "weak spot" targeting books along with hours and hours of practice can get you a good score!

  • carol - shampoo

    I like it myself it has pleasant fragrance cleans my hair good I am going to buy its conditioner too right now I am using the conditioner kiss my face which is great but I like the fragrance of this shampoo

  • georgene monday - This is a worthless program - they couldn't even answer ...

    This is a worthless program - they couldn't even answer any questions to help with why the program didn't work. I know it only cost 19.95, but don't sell a program that doesn't work or one that you can;t even get support for.