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The Memorial Hospital at Craig - Craig, Colorado - The Memorial Hospital at Craig is located in Craig, Colorado, and provides healthcare to the communities of Moffat County.

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  • Amazon Customer - It's like a car commercial with blaring loud music

    And......we're done. Sadly, this is the last show I will watch of this series. I couldn't even make it through the show. I have been a fan of the series since the beginning. Now, it has turned into shallow, gore porn. No longer is there a story. But senseless brutality and blood. It's like a car commercial with blaring loud music. Instead of working on a clever story, they just made it louder (or in this case, more shocking and bloody). It doesn't work people. There is no intelligence or creativity behind this. It's just caveman level entertainment. I am so sad. So sad for the talented actors who were once part of a great thing. They didn't deserve this. The show will now tank. Boo. Not coming back.

  • Gloria - ZAP Restorer was a miracle worker for me!

    We have extremely hard water and have a well. We have a rust remover with our water equipment but we forgot to purchase the Red Out salt. What a mess! My plastic white laundry tub turned to a deep brown. I tried everything to clean it up but nothing worked---I figured I would have to buy a new tub. Then I watched the TV advertisement for ZAP and decided to try it before I made my purchase for that new tub. So glad I did. This stuff was remarkable! Hardly any exertion; practically cleaned off ALL of the rust by itself! The tub looks like new. Wish I could purchase this product at my local store. It is wonderful.

  • Amazon Customer - Cancelled my dermatologist visit.

    I had no idea this would work so well. I really want't expecting much, just wishful thinking. I was amazed at how fast I noticed a difference (2 days) and what it did. As for the fine lines and wrinkles, yes there is a bit of improvement, maybe there will be more after time goes on, but what I noticed, what made me thrilled, is how much brighter and fresher my skin looks. I was planning a visit to the dermatologist but I feel there is no need now. Two sunspots are also diminished, which I did not know this product could do. So basically, I look renewed, and my skin feels softer. My new go-to everyday cream. Wished I had done a before and after photo.

  • MrGuanaco - Great

    Game is awesome, good graphics, catchy songs, wish they added more popular songs, more dlc has to come out like "love me harder, take care" etc.