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  • M.E. Reed - Challenging but Fun

    In preparation for an addition, I loaded the software and immediately started trying to draw our existing home, but found it hard going.

  • Mrs. Willis - Not as good as dry shampoo

    If you have seen some of my other reviews, you're already aware that I suffer from alopecia and am looking for ways to disguise my scalp. Toppik is so expensive, and has a great reputation. So, I was excited to discover I was able to try a small 3g size before committing to a full bottle. Unfortunately, I'm not sold on the product, and am not sure I want to buy a larger size.

  • D. Fuller - Fit my requirements perfectly!

    This is the perfect bag for my needs. I wanted something small, functional, strong and good looking. This messenger bag satisfied all four. I ordered the small bag which fits all my work items (tablet, 1" binder, work support materials and personal items.) Well designed with just enough pockets and zippers to organize my personal items. Easy access with velcro flap, but can be secured with clips as well.

  • stephanie colella - great

    good machine, only thing is the bolt the filter screws into was put on wrong by the factory so i had to align that up so the filter was correctly placed, other then that i love it...

  • Allen - Glad I got it

    I was on the fence about buying this but I'm so glad I did. I agree with what other reviewers are saying, start slow and work your way up to the more intense games. The demo disc that's included gives you a nice variety of games and playing these games (like office simulator) really helped me adjust to the VR without getting nauseated or a headache. I actually ended up playing the demo disc all night instead of the 3 games I got with it (really good to help you decide what games you would like and what ones you wouldn't). I do wear glasses and I did notice a bit of light on the bottom-right of the headset coming in when I had my glasses on but not enough to affect the gameplay and it was easily fixed by turning off the lights. I also played Resogun and even though it's not a VR game, 3D effects on this game with the VR headset on really brought this game back to life and I'm actually looking forward to going home and playing it again. Overall I would say if you've been considering it and you can afford to get it, I would recommend it. This really brought gaming up to a whole new level.


    I've owned Pink Floyd "The Wall" on cassette, early vinyl, CD, and now this heavy vinyl reissue. It is my favorite rock album overall. I remember purchasing this record on cassette when it first came out. After listening to it all the way through for the first time in 1980, it was clear to me that it was and is an extraordinary classic, arguably PF's greatest album. This is PF's most fully realized album with so much happening both musically and lyrically that it challenges you to listen and understand the powerful concept and all of the tragedy that feeds into it. I remember being 16 years old when it was first released and digging into the lyrics to understand their message. It was then and some 30 odd years later it still is an emotionally powerful album. "The Wall" just doesn't succeed as a rock album; it succeeds as a true work of art. It is like a Shakespeare tragedy that's not designed to make us happy, but to help us learn from life's sufferings on both an historical level and on a personal level. Don't we all build walls in our lives in some way? The message of "The Wall" is to break down the walls that prevent us from being truly happy people.

  • Michael Devers - Hours of game play flushed down the tubes

    I just experienced what many others here are stating. Total disappointment and frustration with the newest version of Sim City. After playing for several hours today and building my city up to a decent point, the entire game froze on me. I then got the dreaded "Server Unavailable" message, and when I was finally able to get back on, my previous game was gone. Vapor. Nothing. Very similar to the thought Maxis put into designing this title. Non-existent.