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  • Sr Storm - good new features, great product

    I upgraded to Microsoft Word 2010 from Word 2000, so I can sympathize with those reviewers who complain that the new interface is hard to learn. In fact, because of their comments, I decided not even to try using Word 2010 right away for productivity. Instead, I took an hour or more to simply play around with it, trying fun new things, to see what this new program can do, and where to find the menu items. Even then, it does take some time to learn your way around the new interface, as you start to use it. In addition, I would recommend browsing through a simple book, to even further help you learn your way around, and possibly avoid some frustration.

  • Tarun Johns - Success of the Irish

    There was an excellent summary of how the famine caused the emigration of Irish to America . Victoria is a great example of the those who arrived with a strong commitment to honest work and a determination to succeed. It is also a beautiful story of forgiveness, love, and acceptance of our differences.

  • Anon - It's strange it works so well for some but not for others

    I live in an area with lots of Poison Oak and have found this stuff to be an absolute godsend. One good scrubbing stops the itch entirely and makes the entire rash fade in just 2-3 days, instead of 2-3 weeks, which was my previous recovery time. I try to use it when a rash has just started, but I've also started treatment in the middle of a full-blown, red, weeping disaster of a rash, and it has always worked. It is expensive, sure, but totally worth every penny for me. I'd gladly spend up to $40 on this stuff; it's worth $2 a night for peaceful sleep when I'd otherwise be unable to sleep for days!

  • Superman1954 - Farm sim game is fun

    If you ever wanted to have your own "Green Acres" this is a great game. Like real farming, it can get boring after a while, but it is fun trying to make enough money to buy more farm land and new machinery. Slow paced farm simulation game, but I still like it.

  • geo jones - Very quirky robot and fun to play with

    I gotta say this little guy was delivered to my door yesterday and I spent about an hour playing with him. Very quirky robot and fun to play with. I know the more you play with him he will learn more thanks to the on board AI. I am rather impressed he was easy to set up and data is held on your device and robot securly. Almost pet / human like in a way.