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The Breast Place | Malignant & Benign Breast Disease Specialists - A comprehensive breast center provides our patients with counseling and patient navigation, diagnostics and treatment, surgery and reconstruction, dietician services, massage therapy and education ������?������?������??? all under one roof.

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  • AK TX - Fitted my 2014 Ram perfect. These are expensive

    Fitted my 2014 Ram perfect. These are expensive, but the simply the best you can get. Also quite light weight, so less weight in your vehicle if you are looking for better MPG's..

  • suigeneris - Excellent Supplement

    I started taking choline for heart health, anti-inflammatory properties, and improved neurological function. Even on a low dose (250mg/day) I noticed a difference. Now I am taking 1,000 mg/day and oh my. My mental clarity is 100 times better. I am a cancer survivor and struggle with the aftereffects of chemotherapy called "chemobrain" - which is a permanent perpetual brain fog and memory impairment. Since taking this, my short term memory has improved, as has my mental clarity. I feel more alert and more on top of things. I am considering increasing my dose to 1,500 mg/day. I am postmenopausal due to surgery. I take this in combination with 12 g of Inositol a day 

  • Dan Allen - and it's simply a much better way to retain information

    In the days where there is Wiki, and everything is on line, it is thoroughly refreshing to have a full set of Britannica's at ones fingertip(without having to go online)! I used to have a post-war set of these physically, but got tired of shlepping them around every time I had to move. The articles are insightful, well written, and it's simply a much better way to retain information, and to delve into a subject with quite a bit of detail, great for researching a topic. I have these on a computer which is not used on line at all, mostly for writing. They are qualitative, cost 40 bucks, and it's worth the computer just to have these at ones disposal. I looked up some pretty obscure things just to see if these things were worth a damn, and lo and behold--gnosticism, dada, etc. etc. Also had an older set of these on a computer that crashed, and now I have them back. Money well spent.

  • Amazon Customer - ❤❤💓💓💕💓❤

    What can I say I love your writing I love all your books I want to purchase more and more and more the more you write the more purchase

  • B3ttyBoop - Helped keep track

    This helped keep track of my sons homework and was able to communicate with his teacher better. Great Buy for the price