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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 8.6833 Hesse, Germany

  • Amazon Customer - 7 very easy.

    Must have for engines with bottom oil filters. Makes removal and install on 2012 Challenger RT 5.7 very easy.

  • Briley - NOT GOOD FOR HAIR AT ALL!!!!

    So a friend of mine bought this for her hair from Walmart and she thought oh it tea tree oil and it cheap so why not try it, and try it she did. The very next day after putting this on her scalp to stop itchy scalp,she went from having itchy scalp to having FIRE SCALP. Her hair itched so bad that she got scratches on her head from scratching, this product may be good for other things but its not good for hair. READ THE INGREDIENTS!!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Solid product

    Other than the reservoir runs out to quick. You have to fill a few times, the product is solid. Light weight easy to handle portable

  • smedheat - I have used your other stop leak products in the past with great success. Recently

    I have a leaky radiator. I have used your other stop leak products in the past with great success. Recently, I had a thermostat replaced and accidentally allowed the Toyota service center mechanic to flush the entire cooling system. Big mistake. My overheating engine situation was instantly made much worse! Rather than turn around and purchase a new HEAD GASKET for my 20 year old Toyota Camry, (as Toyota customer service recommended without even looking at the head gasket) I decided to try 1/3 a bottle of Liquid Aluminum. I then topped off the radiator and coolant reservoir. I let the car idle for 10 minutes or so. I even revved the engine a few times and ran the A/C. Only time will tell, but the car shows improvement already. It only ran slightly above normal operating temp before immediately cooling down to exactly normal. It has overheated during idle before using Liquid Aluminum. Even if this application of the product does not work long term, I will have myself to blame for letting a mechanic flush out a Bars-treated coolant system that was holding fluids pretty darn well.

  • Pj_X - Movie flashbacks

    Movie flashbacks but it's a good thing! This game makers you feel like you're in the movies and you love playing everyone's parts even when you're too tense to laugh.

  • S. Nick - Sage 50 Complete

    I have been using Peachtree Complete, now known as Sage 50 Complete, for years and the Peachtree accounting programs in general since back in the days of DOS. My needs are for simple bookkeeping and payroll, and although you can get a Peachtree/Sage program for simple bookkeeping, you must step up to the expensive Sage 50 Complete if you intend to do payroll. Not only that but you must also pay a small fortune to keep the payroll tax tables up to date.

  • B-Crags - Great cargo liner

    This fits snug in the trunk. The only downside, more unique to my use is that we added a pet barrier and needed to cut some slits in the liner to access the tie down hooks behind the seats. The material cut easily and doesn't seem to be prone to fraying or unravelling so its not really a big issue, but would have been nice to have a slit already there to access the tie down hooks.