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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab | Teen Challenge Training Center - Learn more about Teen Challenge Training Center's drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs today. Bringing wholeness to the hopeless.

  • http://www.teenchallengetc.com/get-help/short-term-state-licensed-program/ Short Term Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Learn about our new short term drug & alcohol rehab center. Competitive rates and top notch care.
  • http://www.teenchallengetc.com/get-help/long-term-faith-based-program/ Long Term, Faith Based Drug & Alcohol Treatment - Learn about our faith based, long term, drug and alcohol treatment program for both men and women.
  • http://www.teenchallengetc.com/safe/ Supportive Services for Students & Families - Learn more about our student and family enrichment programs. Designed to incorporate the family into the recovery process.
  • http://www.teenchallengetc.com/donations-support/ Donate Now - Teen Challenge Training Center - Donate or submit student support to Teen Challenge Training Center today. Your donations are what allow us to continue transforming the lives of many.

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  • Amazon Customer - My wife has a bad back and we were on a box springs and ...

    My wife has a bad back and we were on a box springs and mattress that was killing her. Once we got the Purple mattress it was like night and day. She will never go back to the box springs and mattress again! I would highly recommend for your next mattress!

  • Allen Smith - Works perfectly for TWC

    I purchased this device to save money on renting the provided cable box. I needed to buy a new WiFi router anyways and wasn't even aware that this product (WiFi modem) was available. After doing some research I was a bit sceptical to what performance I could expect.

  • Nanners - Small but powerful.

    Late this summer hubs decided to get a tent to camp out in backyard with our two young boys. He mentioned that he didn't really have a good light to use out there. Yes we have flashlights and even some big thing that takes a few D batteries. I saw this and knew it would be perfect. It's really small but impressive! The light it puts out and the way they made it to use as light or flashlight or both is so nice! Yes it's really really small but for hanging in tent makes it incredible handy. My 3 and 6 year old had fun playing with it. Seeing my youngest carry it around was super cute.

  • Moirty - Buggy and May Destroy Data. I Do NOT recommend Buying at This Time.

    I've never been as upset with a software supplier as I am with Intuit right now. This program corrupted my file beyond usability. I have been using money management software since I purchased my first PC-AT in 1984. I have used Quicken for more than a decade. While there have been ups and downs, I have always been able to work with my file and not worry about data loss. Now the program crashes every time I access certain functions. It is completely unuseable. Even recent archives exhibit the problem with the current version of the program. I would have to return to Quicken 2013 and a two month old file to get going again.