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Traumatic Brain Injury and NFL - Traumatic Brain Injury can cause inflammation that leads to hormonal dysfunctions and death of brain cells associated with Suicide, depression, anxiety, rage and cognitive impairment

  • http://www.tbimedlegal.com/id66.html Interventional Endocrinology - Interventional Endocrinology has a place in health and age related improvement.
  • http://www.tbimedlegal.com/id56.html Medical Articles - We base our assessments and treatment for TBI on evidence based science that has been around for 50 years. We treat the cause and don't mask the symptoms.
  • http://www.tbimedlegal.com/id64.html Perfect Protocol - The Perfect Protocol is a composition of natural products that have years of research support benefits to the brain.

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  • Calvin A. Ridley - Works as recommended.

    My mom recommended this tea because I was having problems falling asleep. Works wonderfully. I recommend it for those who do not want to take drugs.

  • MandyK - We LOVE this product!

    Let me begin by saying that my husband works in the construction field, we have a dog, and our home is 70 years old. It is impossible to keep our floors (mostly hardwood and slate) clean under those conditions. That, and I am a horrible housekeeper. We was the hardwood living room floor maybe once every year or so, and the slate, sad to say, has only been washed ONCE since we installed it six years ago. But since we now have a 3-month old, we figure it's time to get our acts together.

  • gmoney - the stuff works!

    This is the only brand on the market known to work to me. I have used it many times all with success. You can't just drink the drink and hope for the best, you will need to do a lil research and follow all the instuctions for it to work. Would like to shake the persons hand who makes this stuff!

  • Southern lady - If you have a septic tank...

    This product is worth it's weight in gold. If you don't use this product you need to have your tank drained every other year or so, depending on its use. This product, my plumber says, will keep you from having to go through the draining process. I use this on the first of every month and have used it for years, this size is a great savings over the single size sold in the grocery store.

  • ra'sdaughter - 6 stars, except for the packaging......

    When I received this product is was everywhere.....I even initially asked for a refund.....my significant other who refuses to throw anything anyway capture most of it and got it back in the jar........I didn't want to touch it......so I used it.....dry hair......wet hair.....whenever and for whatever :).......is allowed to be successfully and comfortably pull my natural hair up and the spiral curls that hung at the back were not hard nor crusty( other Curl Custards results).....there is no flaking, no hardness ergo no ends shattering......they just have to get the packing corrected..............