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Tai Chi Regular and Beginners Tai Chi Classes Melbourne | Tai Chi Australia - Tai Chi Australia runs regular and beginner tai chi and qigong classes in 15 locations across Melbourne.

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    When I got this four days ago, I was so excited based on the reviews but I SWEAR to you, my wrinkles are worse than before. In fact, I hardly had any wrinkles to begin with and I think this stuff made me have MORE wrinkles. Have you ever used a whipped egg white mask? You know how it makes your face get so tight that you can't smile? This is what this cream has done to me. When I smile, my eyes and my face are too right and it is actually uncomfortable.

  • shawn flores - Great mats. Heaps better than the factory all weather offering

    Perfect fit. Would have been better if the driver side mat covered the dead pedal. Also, it would have been great if the mats had some friction material at the bottom to help hold them in place.

  • Kelly - Positive results and good price

    I purchased this item about 2 and a half months ago. I will admit I did skip a few days at a time sometimes, but this product definitely showed nice results. Lately (I'm 27) I have had breakouts due to my hormone levels changing and wanted to try something without having to waste my money. I am very skeptical on anything I buy. So I only purchase items with a large review community.

  • Amazon Customer - Different than pictured :(

    Unfortunately the product I ordered is not what was shipped. All 4 of the products are different than what is pictured. They smell similar and appear to be similar to the Marrakesh product that is shown and that I have used before. I am sad it was not the exact same as that is what I was looking for and thought I had purchased. Had I known it would be different, I would have purchased the product I was looking for somewhere else. The shampoo and conditioner do not have the pumps that are pictured either :( Hopefully It works similarly to what I have used before.

  • Jennifer Douglas - not sure how helpful it is since soft toss is pretty easy to handle without a machine

    does what it says it does. not sure how helpful it is since soft toss is pretty easy to handle without a machine. too cold to use it much

  • Mike - Great product!

    My one year old son was having difficulty gaining weight due to the side effects of a heart medication that was suppressing his appetite. Our Pediatrician reccomended we try PediaSure to help with my son's weight gain. Not only did my son start to gain weight within the first week of using this product, he also loved the Vanilla flavor. This made it easy to feed him three times a day as reccomended by his Doctor.

  • Corinne McElroy - Leveled out the husband

    I ordered this product for my husband who works as a correctional officer at the local jail. He is always super stressed out which is affecting his home life. He doesn't like taking anything really and I struggle just to get him to take a multi vitamin. After a week of taking this Zou Calm it seems to help him see through situations more calmly and then he seems less anxious about his decisions. The capsules are easy for him to swallow which is why he doesn't take many other supplements. He takes them in the AM only we might try twice a day to see if that increases the positive affect. *Value for money: Excellent; If you found this review to be helpful, please click “YES”. I chose this product and purchased it at a discounted rate so that I could review the product. This review reflects my honest and unbiased opinion of the product.