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  • Melanie Speights - Maybe my batch was bad..

    no, just no on this one. The flavor is all off. I've had Biltong previously and this doesn't hold a candle to it. The pieces are small and rather fatty. The description - as I had to go back to it just to figure out what the heck I bought reads this "Biltong is the South African version of Beef Jerky. Imagine if jerky and prosciutto had a baby. That baby would be biltong". If I was new to Biltong, I would have expected something completely different just by the description. Maybe my batch was bad...who knows. This one just did not fit the bill for me.

  • CAROLYN K. - Good Product!

    I have been using this for over a year. I apply with fingers after curling to add lift and fullness to my short hair and I can go a day without washing hair as it is not sticky but avoid using too much.

  • C. Putman - Blue Devil Works!

    This product does work. You MUST follow instructions. Flush, Flush and Flush the cooling system before adding product. Worked on my Ford Ranger V-6 with aluminium heads. I only used half to three quarters of the product on mine. Had a total of 2 external leaks on the front side of the cylinder head, on drivers side. Product will buy you some time....But get your head gaskets fixed as soon as you can.

  • The Palmtop Tiger - Not Worth the Money

    I saw this stuff at a small kiosk in NYC and was intrigued. However, they wanted an inordinate amount of money for it, so I decided to look online. Despite the negative reviews, I decided to take the leap and order it. Unfortunately, like others before me, the product I received was unlike the one I had tested. This one smelled strongly of glue, and I was worried about putting it on my skin. After doing some successful patch testing, I decided to try it and found little ballies of "grime and skin" coming off of my face. While it didn't irritate my skin, I didn't notice it helping very much.

  • Sasha - Beware: all the corn by-product ingredients are most likely GMO's!

    I have great concern about all those corn based ingredients being GMO derived. Most corn by products are GMO and there isn't any evidence yet to show they are safe for our health. I for one don't wish to risk the health of my child so no pediasure!

  • pen name - Good Read!

    This book is definitely a great introduction to the stock market. Even though the market is (and should be) intimidating to a lot of people, this book explains the basics of investing and gives the reader several plans for basic and advanced investment strategies.

  • Luvs 2 Buy Online - Love the Taste and the Results

    I'm surprised when reading reviews that down the taste. I love it! Tangy orange flavor and mine mixes up really well. The BEST PART is that I was feeling pretty bad, like some kind of bug was attacking, until I drank some of this great product mixed in my water bottle. Now I'm starting to feel so much better. I just came on Amazon to order some more. My stash is running low.