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  • SFort - A very good, and fun, documentary

    A very good film; hopefully it has been received well enough (and was profitable enough) to encourage its makers to do a second. There were allusions to a sequel that would tackle "big foot" or "alien" investigations, both of which would be interesting. The film is a bit of a hybrid that includes both ghost hunting and an exploration of the ghost hunting craze that has resulted from dozens of paranormal investigation shows. Its intended audience, I think, are open-minded skeptics who appreciate a mix of low brow jokes, dry wit, self-deprecating humor, and good-natured sardonicism. So, yeah...upon reflection a pretty select audience. Still, for those folks (hand raised) this film is nearly perfect. The chemistry between the cast/crew members was great, and the film's makers did a good job of balancing skepticism and belief, which is much more than can be said for all the green-lit paranormal shows on television...


    We bought these for my wife who has a really bad sprained ankle with resulting swollen toes and foot.

  • Eugene M. Davis - So far, so good, but a slow process.

    I've been using it for 3 weeks now and I haven't notice any change yet, maybe I have to use it for a few more weeks to see if anything changes.

  • NurseJen - At first I didn't think this app was working because ...

    At first I didn't think this app was working because I was still receiving quite a few spam calls... but then I opened the app and realized it had blocked more than I thought. It's not a gsmr-changer, but it's free and it has helped a little.

  • M. Marcus - Great for Strep!

    Goldenseal is an all around healing herb! This is the type of herb that you do not take every day, it is for times when you are sick. When our family starts to get the flu we will take Goldenseal along with Echinacia and Garlic. These last two you can take every day. Echinacia is like an immune system builder. Garlic is good for all sorts of things. It helps lower cholesterol, blood pressure, immunity builder, plus a slew of other things.