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  • M. Golding - Great filters

    K&N filters are the only filters I use, i feel they give you good filtration and engine protection. Buying from Amazon gives you super fast shipping and the best price around.

  • Clinton John Degase - Interesting, but flawed

    While it was wonderful to read so much on Freemasons, and to learn about how they were involved in worldwide and American development, much of the information is repetitive. There were many thought-provoking opinions and facts on this group, and on occult worship which opened my eyes and made me a little paranoid. In the closing section of the book, suggesting an American Mormon may be the Antichrist of Revelation, I had to do a thought-check. It's easy to become wrapped up in theories like this, but it seems arrogant to think America has a prominent place in the end times. (Though that is My thought.) I can't say I know more than the author, but at the very least, this should put us on guard against false Christianity by understanding who Jesus really IS, and who some groups claim He is.

  • Line Runner - They are comfortable and cut well.

    I use garden Shears a lot. These shears work as well as any I have used. They have the normal features that you expect from any shears. The larger by-pass pruner has a locking thumb lever at the hinge. The smaller shears has a locking band on the end of the handles and they both have vineal coated handle grips. They are comfortable and cut well.

  • TraV - Hot Means Hot!

    Lemme tell you this. When they say hot, they do mean hot! I had previously used the Doo-Gro brand for my hair and had a good experience so I figured why not see what else is out their just to make sure I was not missing nothing. Case in point, which lead me to Dr. Miracle. I know by now, we've all seen the late night commericals, and the girl with the frazzy hair, etc. Well, I was just looking for something to contribute to the strength and growth of mine (I am male thank you) so I decided to try this out. The 1st time that I used it, I did not feel anything for a few minutes then suddenly it felt like my hair was falling out and sparks from light had struck my hair maybe. After washing it out, I found out that I still had my hair luckily, ha. I only used it a sparingly a few more times after this incident and it still got hot but I let it stay in this time and work its magic. It gets pretty tingly once the heat settles down...Other than that I can't really say how effective it is because I did not use it for over a long period of time. I just did nomt like the instant effects that it had.