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St . Lukes Home - Welcome to St Luke's Home Over the last 130 years we have built a strong and well-respected reputation as a leading provider of residential care and support services to older people in the Cork region.

  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/nursing-home-cork/ St . Lukes Home – About Us - About St Luke's Home The staff at St Luke’s Home recognise their role as one of carer, facilitator, friend and advocate. We aim to create a Home like environment where all residents feel safe, secure and supported.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/nursing-home-cork/ethos/ St . Lukes Home – St Luke’s Ethos - St Luke's  - Ethos Christian caring, modelled on the example of love, service and teaching of Jesus Christ, is at the heart of the work of St. Luke's Home. This is allied with the highest standards of contemporary insight and practice in the care of the older person. We at St.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/nursing-home-cork/milstones/ St . Lukes Home – History & Milestones - History The original Home, founded in 1872 by Miss Frances Fitzgerald Gregg (daughter of Bishop John Gregg), was located in Albert House,Victoria Road, Cork, and rejoiced in the name 'The Home for Protestant Incurables'. From time to time disquiet about the name was voiced.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/nursing-home-cork/governance-structure-organisation/ St . Lukes Home – Structure & Organisation - Structure & Organisation St Luke’s Home consists of two companies limited by guarantee both of which are registered charities. St Luke’s Home Cork (Incorporated), charity number (0928), registered number (003623), owns and manages the facilities from which the Nursing Home operates.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/nursing-home-cork/residential-care/ St . Lukes Home – Resident & Relative Info - Resident & Relative Information Bus Service Bus Eireann operates a daily bus service from the City Centre. The number 202 bus services this route. Click here for bus timetable Car Parking The car park outside the main entrance is free and is open seven days a week.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/nursing-home-cork/careers-2/ St . Lukes Home – Careers - Careers Our staff are the reason St Luke’s Home is a centre of excellence in specialist care for the older person, specifically Dementia Care. To reach that standard, our goal in the HR department is to select, develop, facilitate, regulate, support and recognise our staff in a professional and re...
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/residential-care-2/ St . Lukes Home – Residential Care - Residential Care We at St. Luke's believe that the resident is the most important person. Each individual resident has intrinsic worth and dignity, and has a right to respectful, personalised care.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/residential-care-2/residential-care/ St . Lukes Home – Residential Services - Facilities at the Home St. Luke’s Home operates a purpose built, single storey, residential facility with: • 128 beds in four separate units • Single, two bedded, and four bedded rooms all en-suite • Secure Dementia facility • Integrated Day Care Centre • Landscaped private gardens overl...
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/residential-care-2/admissions/ St . Lukes Home – Admissions - How to get a long term care bed – Application Process The Nursing Homes Support Scheme, otherwise known as ‘Fair Deal’, is a means of financial support for people who need long-term nursing home care.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/residential-care-2/respite-care/ St . Lukes Home – Respite Care - Respite Care Respite Care can be accessed through the HSE’s Public Health Nurses. Currently, following a medical assessment carried out by the Public Health Nurse the client may be entitled to up to 28 days free Respite Care in any one 12 month period. Thereafter a rate of €25 applies.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/residential-care-2/physiotherapy/ St . Lukes Home – Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy For many of our residents physiotherapy is the key to restoring and maintaining a level of physical function that allows higher levels of independence. Physical fitness enhances quality of life and enables residents to take part in day to day life and activities at the Home.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/residential-care-2/activities/ St . Lukes Home – Activities - Activities at the Home With the invaluable help of our group of dedicated volunteers, we encourage residents to regularly participate in social and leisure activities.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/residential-care-2/volunteers/ St . Lukes Home – Volunteers - Volunteers Our Volunteers are vitally important to the day to day running of St Luke’s Home. Over the last ten years we have made a huge investment in developing our facilities and as such need larger numbers of volunteers to come on board.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/residential-care-2/chaplaincy/ St . Lukes Home – Chaplaincy - Chaplaincy Pastoral/Spiritual Care is a general term which encompasses all ways in which attention is paid to the spiritual nature of the human person and, in particular in a healthcare environment, to the spiritual issues that arise in the context of illness, suffering, life and death.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/day-care/ St . Lukes Home – Day Care - Day Care Centre St. Luke's Day Care centre, run with the support of the Health Services Executive - South, is a self-contained, fully staffed section within St. Luke’s Home, utilising the facilities such as catering, physiotherapy, and other services available in the Home.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/day-care/access-to-day-care-cork/ St . Lukes Home – Access to Daycare - Access to Daycare St Luke’s Home Day Care Centre is funded by the HSE – South. Access to our Day Care Centre is through the Public Health Nurse (PHN). Your local Health Center or General Practitioner will be able to inform you who your PHN is and how to make contact with them.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/charity/ St . Lukes Home – Foundation - Where we are now The most important people at St Luke’s Home are the residents and we have built a strong and well respected reputation as a leading provider of residential care and support services to older people in the Cork region.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/charity/events/ St . Lukes Home – Fundraising Events -   Our main fundraising events every year are: Afternoon Tea Cork International Airport Saturday 22nd October 2016   Annual Corporate Lunch Maryborough House Hotel Friday 21st October 2016   Ladies Christmas Lunch Carrigaline Court Hotel Friday 9th December 2016 Annual Corporate Golf C...
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/charity/donations-and-legacies/ St . Lukes Home – Donations and Legacies - Donate One-off donation An online donation can be made by clicking on www.mycharity.ie or if you prefer, contact St Luke’s Home Foundation directly on 021 4359444 and we would be delighted to talk to you.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/charity/corporate-social-responsibilities/ St . Lukes Home – Corporate Social Responsibility - Corporate Social Responsibility ‘ Employees from PepsiCo Ireland plant St Luke’s secure wrap around Dementia garden – Summer 2011’ We are always delighted to link up with a relevant company to maximise Public Relations and raise awareness for care of the elderly.
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/charity/fundraising-suggestions/ St . Lukes Home – Fundraising Suggestions - Fundraising – Get Involved!! Volunteers Our fundraising depends on the goodwill of our staff, volunteers and the local Cork community. Donations, sponsorship and fundraising events are now vital to the continued standards of care enjoyed by our residents, our day care clients  and older people in...
  • http://www.stlukeshome.ie/contact-2/ St . Lukes Home – Contact Us -   Our Address: St. Luke's Home Castle Road Mahon Cork Ireland Loc8 Code: WBR-01-75G Email: [email protected] Tel: +353 (0)21 4359 444 Fax: +353 (0)21 4359 450...

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