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South Staffordshire Network for Mental Health - Home - South Staffordshire Network for Mental Health is here to To improve the quality of life for individuals in the Districts of South Staffordshire who have personal experience of mental distress; by enabling user involvement, active representation and a campaigning voice.

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    I was aware of the reviews of this product before I bought it, but I purchased it anyway. I've been listening to CSN for 45 years, own most of their music and dvd's, so I knew the probability of a nostalgia show, badly done. I'll tell you right now if you're a fan at all you're gonna want this, more , you're gonna need this. It's a great deal and you will be pleasantly surprised. It might be the last, best of CSN. As far as I'm concerned, Stills in particular, as long as the voices are recognizable, and their hitting the notes that count in a pleasant way, that's good enough, if you're looking for perfection listen to the albums. They are obviously enjoying it, and they feed off the enthusiastic audience. Sure, they're not in their prime anymore, but who is. It takes a lot of courage to get onstage for a two hour show under the spotlight and perform up to their standards but thats what they do. Needless to say the band is really tight and produce just the right platform for CSN to concentrate on the songs. I was hesitant but I now say buy it, enjoy it, and be glad we have this document for future enjoyment and inspiration. Crosby/Nash is also a great dvd and I suggest buying it as a companion volume. Waiting for a CSNY reunion concert but what's new, some things never change. David Crosby you need to apologize to Neil and Darryl Hannah and do whatever it takes, before it's too late, to make things better between you and Neil and get on with a CSNY reunion if that's even possible anymore. David, shame on you for your vicious comments. Wake up!!! Make up!!! Get back to whats important while you still have a chance, slight as it may be. And for the record Stills looks and sounds better by far than in recent years and I would have bought this just to see Stills rock out again.

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