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Sportovnн areбl Jedlovб - sport trochu jinak - Navљtivte sportovnн areбl Jedlovб. Иekб na vбs spousta zбbavy na sjezdovce i mimo ni. Vэbornэ sport a turistika na jednom mнstм.

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City: 16.6333 Mesto Brno, Czechia

  • JustinJ - Bad pair?

    Maybe I received a bad pair but the sound is HORRIBLE. It's crackly, people say they can't hear me on the other end of the line when I use them, and the music sounds muffled. When there are bass notes it sounds like the speaker is blown. It's super distorted. Pretty disappointed because I chose these after the raving reviews.

  • Durmus Family - I purchased it online and it calculated my State (CA) ...

    I purchased it online and it calculated my State (CA) tax and final figure was I owed. However, I know that I should pay nothing. To point this out to TaxACT, I called them. Upon hearing my story and learning it that I bought it from third party- Amazon, they said that they CANNOT support it. I am stuck...

  • Charissa J Weaver - Great shipping time but disappointed in book

    This book has many many many errors. They printed it with the wrong answers to a lot of the problems in just the first 30 pages. I am very disappointed in this book.

  • Cheryl Prince - Tummy Tuck system does not work!

    Followed program twice a day, tummy tuck crème, belt and 5 min stomach work out, then did 30 minutes of walking daily. Measured at the beginning then again after 30 days, no change in measurement no even 1/4 inch!!!! Just a waste of money!!!!!

  • dakota - sadly wasnt as expected

    when i bought this i thought this would help out so much,but i couldn't even link all my accounts to this program which made it not very good as keep track of finances because if you cant have all your accounts in one place it unfortunately defeats the purpose of the program

  • Mz. Mac - Kinky Curly En·thu·si·as·tic

    I read the reviews about the product not working. I start using it last year and it didn't seem to work for me either at first. I used the whole line on my head initially: the shampoo, knot today, kinky curly, pomade and spritz. I was in the early stages of going natural so I was experimenting with different products. I noticed the end were still straight so I crunched them but the root was wavey and some curly. It seemed to work but after a couple of hours my hair was dry and crunchy. Even though I didn't like how it looked I still tried to make it work but I didn't like the dryness almost white cast my hair had on it. After a few weeks I stopped using it and continued my search of products for natural hair. Eventually I permed my hair and left the idea of going natural alone. Then a few months ago I cut my hair back short, decided I'll try the natural thing again. I was back on a quest to find he perfect products for natural hair. Tried a few things but came back to $30 Kinky Curly left so I decided I would try it again minus using the whole line on my hair. I used a few different shampoo/conditioners until I found a combination that worked for me (Yes to Cucumbers shampoo and conditioner). What works for me is I rinse the hair and leave it more damp. I kind of run the microfiber towel over it and then I use knot today as a leave in conditioner. The microfiber towel seems to make my hair not as frizzy. Then while the hair is damp I apply the kinky curly through the hair by rubbing the Kinky curl on the tips of my fingers and apply from root to tip in sections. Then, I rub on or spray Mizani Supreme Oil and let it air dry. There is no white cast and sometimes if I miss the oil I notice it is slightly dry. You have to use some kind of oil whether it is a sheen, spray bottle and you can't apply a big glimp of kinky curly on the hair. It will definitely make it crunch instead of having a nice hold. I suggest you apply a little at a time and then decided if you need more. I have tried other products but this one seems to give me the results I am looking for. I hope I have been a help.