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  • Alan T - there was a lot of information I knew but well written and gives great data on big pharma

    Yes, there was a lot of information I knew but well written and gives great data on big pharma. Not hard to understand and so much in one book. I get so much health data from all over but this book has all the basics and dispels so much BS.

  • Nora Harris - Doesn't work with z stylus

    Updated this because in the specifications it says you can use the Z stylus and I got this for note taking. I bought one and it wouldn't work. Contacted support and they said this model doesn't work with the stylus.

  • OmegaSR - Have used for almost 4 months

    My hair had been thinning for several years and I had tried Crew brand hair loss prevention items...which seemed not to work. It seemed to slow or halt hair loss, but I never recognized new folicles (more hairs per square inch per say). This wasn't good enough for me. I got the Haircomb.

  • earthsoap - Wonderful gel wash for face.

    This is excellent face wash for normal and acne prone skin. When my daughter, who was having acne issues, started using it her acne cleared up beautifully. I also use it and I have very oily skin and it helps that without drying out my skin.