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  • pgeders - Awesome Customer Service

    I have only had to contact Webroot twice. Both times I was treated to very professional customer support. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. They know their product inside out. Used to have Norton and McAfee...neither hold a candle, in my opinion, to Webroot.

  • Kbp2003 - Good shampoo/body wash for baby

    This baby wash is the only shampoo/body wash we can use on my 14 month old son as he has such sensitive dry and eczema prone skin. It is non scented but does have a smell to it. (A bland smell to it) great product, I order it every couple months to make sure we never run out

  • Susan R. - lost 7 pounds in 2 days

    Worked. Used it the days before a biggest loser challenge last weigh in and lost 7 pounds. Pushed me over the top and I win 1st place

  • William J. Greenwell - and look REALLY good. Not so sure about the "no drill" claim ...

    They fit quite well, and look REALLY good. Not so sure about the "no drill" claim though. All the bolt holes line up great. But on the rear flaps, the little adhesive strips didn't hold at all. (Even though I cleaned the metal very well) So, I drilled a 1/8" hole, like the instructions said to do, and the Phillips head screw (provided) would not go through. So of course the screw head stripped out. Ended up using my own hex- headed screw, ( painted black ), and now everything OK. They do fit very well, and look really good, just a little more work than I thought.

  • Amazon Customer - Lovely!

    This shampoo leaves my chug boy smelling fantastic! His coat is shiny and soft. The smell doesn't bother him, and I don't worry as much about him licking the soap during bath time. A little goes a long way. Very impressed!

  • C Reaves - NetObjects Fusion 13 Not ready for prime time

    I've been an avid NOF user for many years and many versions. V.13 is as close to a disaster as any software I have used. If you want a good - but dated - web site builder, use NOF 12. V.13 has no user manual and VERY limited support. The company is not known for service. There is no live chat or phone number. Navigate to the technical support page and email your problem. In three to five days you will usually receive a response, often asking for more info. Resubmit and wait another three to five days, etc. I've been using V.13 for a few weeks and have yet to upload a site successfully. It may be an IE 10 problem, a local platform problem or an NOF problem. There is no way to tell for the next three to five days at least.