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Smoking Facts Reveal the Real Dangers of Cigarettes - The smoking facts show the dangers of cigarettes to the health of individuals and populations.Diseases directly related to the harmful effects of tobacco use kill 650 million people annually. You already know that smoking is bad for you, isn't it time to explore why being addicted to cigarettes is oaky with you and and how you could change your life by giving them up?

  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/beverly_hansen_omalley.html Beverly Hansen OMalley - Who Am I and Why Did I Create This Site? - Who is Beverly Hansen OMalley? I have witnessed the health effects of smoking both professionally and personally. Global smoking facts reveal that everyone on the planet will be touched by the health effects of smoking at some point in their lifetime. Nicotine has been proven to be a psychoactive drug.You can stop smoking cigarettes if you examine your own addiction fiction and change your attitude and beliefs.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/internet_privacy_issues.html Internet Privacy Issues - Smoking Facts and Fiction Committment - Internet privacy issues are of concern to everyone. Your privacy on the web is important and protected on here at smoking-facts-and-fiction.com
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/smoking_is_bad.html Smoking is Bad - Smokers are Not - Smoking is bad for your health. Many smokers think that non-smokers judge them to be a bad person because they are addicted to cigarettes. Addiction, however, is not a measure of character. Ignoring the health effects of smoking cigarettes and making the choice to take that first puff is a bad choice not an immoral one.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/diseases_caused_by_smoking.html Diseases Caused By Smoking - Facts on the Health Dangers of Smoking Cigarettes - The diseases caused by smoking are well identified in the literature. Ever since the body of evidence began building, the smoking facts and the dangers of smoking cigarettes have been minimized and trivialized by those who prefer to use addiction fiction. The real cigarette smoking facts are that there is nothing about being addicted to cigarettes that is beneficial to you or your wellbeing.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/why_do_people_smoke.html Why Do People Smoke Cigarettes - Facts About Smoking Determinants on Young Smokers - Why do people smoke? With all the knowledge about the many harmfulhealth effects of smoking cigarettes it is mystifying why people start smoking. Young smokers are the majority of new smokers and the addictive effects of nicotine are not what determines smoking experimentation. Cigarette smoking statistics reveal the facts about smoking behaviour. Social and psychological factors are the most important factors in cigarette smoking initiation.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/quit_smoking_cold_turkey.html Quit Smoking Cold Turkey - Quitting Smoking Facts about Going Cold Turkey - If you quit smoking cold turkey it simply means that you stop smoking suddenly rather than gradually. Going cold turkey refers to one of the common opiate withdrawal symptoms of piloerection or goose bumps. This may or may not be one of the smoking withdrawal symptoms you experience if you give up smoking tobacco suddenly.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/effects_of_cigarettes_smoking.html Effects of Cigarettes - Smoking Behaviour and Families - The effects of cigarettes and smoking behaviour within the family are well established. The smoking facts show that parental attitudes and behaviour are a significant influence on children. Additionally your environmental tobacco smoke subjects children to all the known harmful effects of smoking. The ultimate effects of smoking cigarettes is through your example.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/smoking_bans.html Smoking Bans - The Effect on Businesses When Anti Smoking Laws Stop Smoking in Public Places - Smoking bans and the effect on businesses have been studied by stakeholders both for and against a ban on smoking in public. What is the effect on a business when anti smoking laws come into effect and should governments consider that when deciding on measures to protect the public from the possible harmful effects of smoking cigarettes?
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/smoking_effects_on_the_body.html Smoking Effects on the Body - Smoking Facts and the Harmful Effects of Tobacco - Cigarette smoking effects on the body are the direct result of the chemicals in cigarettes and the harmful effects of tobacco's main ingredient of nicotine. The smoking facts reveal themany short and long term harmful effects of smoking.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/facts_on_smoking.html Facts on Smoking Fiction, Denial and Other Signs of Drug Addiction - The facts on smoking are undeniable and yet you continue to deny them. To keep your cigarette addiction going you use denial and rationalization which are the true signs of drug addiction. If you want to stop smoking cigarettes you must face the facts and stop the fiction.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/buergers_disease.html Buergers Disease - Smoking Facts on Thromboangiitis Obliterans - Buergers disease or thromboangiitis obliterans is one of the diseases caused by smoking. The facts reveal that people with this condition must stop smoking tobacco if they are to avoid severe risk to the peripheral circulation such as tissue necrosis and subsequent amputation.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/smokers_rights.html Smokers Rights - Current Ethical Issues and Public Smoking Bans - Do smokers have rights? Current ethical issues regarding the right to smoke suggest that this individual right does not supersede the right of the majority of the society to be free from the harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke. Public smoking bans protect the health of all members of a society, even the minority who are smokers.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/right_to_smoke.html The Right to Smoke - Smoking Bans and Smokers Rights - The right to smoke is a mantra smokers use to suggest smoking in public places should not be restricted. The argument against is that the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes can be controlled by good ventilation. Public smoking bans however, are not just about controlling for the possible harmful effects of smoking, they are also engineered to provide good social environments and role models for children.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/what_causes_breast_cancer.html What Causes Breast Cancer? Risk Factors and New Facts About Smoking - Is smoking what causes breast cancer? Female smokers may want to pay attention to the new breast cancer facts about smoking which reveal that this disease may be one of the real dangers of cigarette smoking.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/what_causes_cataracts.html What Causes Cataracts? Facts About Smoking and Your 20/20 Vision - What causes cataracts? It just might be the long term effects of cigarette smoking. The facts about smoking reveal that one of the four major risk factors for developing cataracts is smoking. Losing your 20 20 vision is one of the very real dangers of cigarette smoking.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/skin_care_wrinkles.html Skin Care and Wrinkles - Facts About Smoking and Beautiful Clear Skin - Concerned about skin care or wrinkles in your face? The effects of smoking cigarettes may reverse any efforts you make to stop skin wrinkles. The facts about smoking reveal that free radicals in the body donated from every cigarette speed up the aging process making it impossible to achieve the beautiful clear skin you desire.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/fixing_erectile_dysfunction.html Fixing Erectile Dysfunction - Facts About Smoking and Getting an Erection Again - Fixing erectile dysfunction may or may not be as simple as giving up smoking. The facts about impotence reveal that if getting an erection is a problem for you, it could be fixed if you quit smoking cigarettes and it might not be easily corrected with drugs.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/health_risks_of_smoking.html The Health Risks of Smoking - Facts About Complications of Diabetes If You Smoke - The health risks of smoking are very similiar to the complications of diabetes. The facts reveal that diseases caused by smoking such as atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, peripheral artery disease, and CVA stroke, are also possible complications of diabetes.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/facts_on_emphysema.html The Smoking Facts on Emphysema and Other Lung Diseases Caused by Smoking - The smoking facts on emphysema are indisputable. The damaging effects of smoking cigarettes is what causes emphysema. Other lung diseases caused by smoking include lung cancer, spontaneous pneumothorax, and chronic bronchitis. Other respiratory effects of smoking cigarettes include blood clots in your lungs.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/what_poisons_are_in_cigarettes.html What Poisons Are in Cigarettes - Smoking Facts About Toxic Cigarette Ingredients - Wondering what poisons are in cigarettes? There are many toxic cigarette ingredients you should know about including benzene, hydrogen cyanide, and carbon monoxide. The smoking facts reveal that many of these poisons such as cigarette tar, are the harmful effects of tobacco combustion.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/chemicals_contained_in_a_cigarette.html Chemicals Contained in a Cigarette -Facts about Smoking the Ingredients in Cigarettes - Many chemicals contained in a cigarette are toxic, poisonous or carcinogenic. The ingredients incigarettes even include radioactive elements. The smoking effects on the body occur both locally and systemically. All body organs and systems are affected by the harmful effects of tobacco combustion.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/stop_smoking_cold_turkey.html Stop Smoking Cold Turkey - Health and Wellness Tips for Going Cold Turkey - These tips to stop smoking cold turkey will help you through nicotine detox and the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking. Good for promoting general health and welllness, these tips will improve your overall health so you can stop smoking cigarettes successfully. If you are going cold turkey, then the best health and wellness tips are to improve your nutrition,hydrate well and exercise vigourously and often.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/cigarette_ingredients.html Cigarette Ingredients - Smoking Facts About Radioactive Ingredients in Cigarettes - Some cigarette ingredients have been found to be radioactive. Polonium-210 and lead (Pb210) are both radioactive elements that contribute to the harmful effects of tobacco combustion.
  • http://www.smoking-facts-and-fiction.com/causes_of_drug_addiction.html Causes of Drug Addiction - Smoking Facts About Nicotine Cravings and Addictions - The physical causes of drug addiction are related to chemicals called neurotransmitters. The smoking facts reveal that nicotine cravings are really drug addiction symptoms that occur when receptor sites become empty.

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