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SMB - Innovator in Galenics - S.M.B. is a Belgian, independant, group of companies specialized in Research & Development and Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.The activities of S.M.B. involve new formulations and/or new chemical entities, clinical testing, registration and production of pharmaceutical products both in the US and EEC using both conventional and advanced drug delivery technologies.

Country:, Europe, BE

City: 4.35 , Belgium

  • x-texan - Good book. I highly recommend.

    Very well written. Have used DHEA on and off over the last 2 or 3 years. Think I do better with it. In about 25 mg divided dose per day. Female age 65.

  • KPfeet - Best "exfoliating" moisturizer out there

    I have very sensitive skin and this moisturizer works well for me. I like this version better than the version specifically designed for sensitive skin because of the lactic acid, which helps moisturize my skin and also prevents breakouts for me! I use this primarily at night. It does have a slightly WEIRD smell which takes some getting used to... now I hardly notice it after a couple years of use.