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  • ColoradoDreaming - Great mattress with a few tweaks...

    I purchased my Casper through their website directly. After sleeping on it for 6 weeks or so I felt I had had enough time to go through the 'adjustment' phase but was still experiencing a lot of tossing and turning. (Along with my dog, who couldn't seem to sleep through the night either.) In addition I would wake up some numbness in my arms and hands several times a night, I think due to the firmness of the mattress. I called Casper and they suggested the pillow topper for a softer feel. They sent this to me for the cost of shipping and offered to extend the trial period by one month as well. The difference with the topper is night and day for me. I also felt that I was sleeping 'hot' but after reading some other reviews, tried removing the mattress pad and haven't had any further problems. (Some mattress pads block any breathability and contribute, at least in my case, to being way to warm.) The mattress with the topper is unbelievably comfortable and sleeps somewhat closer to a coil spring mattress if that's the feel you're looking for. The customer service is incredible as well as the price.

  • Mollie - Extra Kick of Power

    This CAI installed very easily and without any problems. It attaches on top of the regular air cleaner box bottom. Using the dash readouts it improves the gas mileage 1 to 2 miles per gallon. You got to keep your foot out of it if you want the mileage improvement. Stick your foot in it and hold on, it is a blast. I already had dual exhausts with flow control, this adds to the power. This was put on a 2013 Rocky Ridge Altitude Ford F-150 FX4. I am very pleased with this performance modification.

  • m. we - It is comfortable and the voice quality is good on both ends

    It is comfortable and the voice quality is good on both ends. But I really hate this bluetooth headset.


    I Live in Las Vegas and buy this guide every year. Packed full of offers, coupons, free stuff and information that is recommended for locals like me and others just visiting Las Vegas..If you use just one of the coupons in this guide, It pays for itself.

  • Tammy H - why didn't i listen to the bad reviews this time??

    I absolutely hate this thing. A total waste of money. I do have a humidifier that provides the humidity and this never matches it. The air temperature, which is primarily why we bought it is a general idea of what the actual room temperature is. I never see 71, 74, or 76. The temp display simply never ever, not even once indicated those read outs, rather the read out would jump up or down to the next consecutive number. I also can't stand that there's no display light. Save up a couple extra bucks and get something actual reads and subsequently displays the actual air temperature.

  • Z. Alzein - Crashed my computer.

    It crashed my computer. What do I do? All the computer does is say the disc drive is not working, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to reboot. What's that all about?

  • Amazon Customer - Bit big

    The shoes are definitely a bit big. Make sure to go down about a whole size or just half a size. I am an 11 and I had a ton of room in the toe. I would probably only need a 10 in these shoes. Besides this, the color is very vibrant and they are great. They are comfortable and the width is nice. They are nice to run in and you will definitely break them in.