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Pharmacy in Fort Kent, ME - St John Valley Pharmacy - St. John Valley Pharmacy is a local pharmacy in Fort Kent here to serve all of you and your family’s health needs.

  • http://www.sjvrx.com/about-us About Our Pharmacy - St John Valley Pharmacy - St. John Valley Pharmacy opened as a retail pharmacy in 2004 in Eagle Lake, Maine and moved to Fort Kent in 2005. St. John Valley Pharmacy began long term care services in 2007.
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  • http://www.sjvrx.com/long-term-care Long Term Care - St John Valley Pharmacy - Long-Term Care Pharmacies service nursing homes and assisted living facilities. St. John Valley Pharmacy supplies facilities from Fort Kent to Houlton.
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  • I Love Jellybeans - Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

    After having played a few rounds with this ball I have to say that I like it quite a bit. I don't play as much golf as I used to and lets just say that my swing speed at this point will never allow me to hit the ball massive distances any more but I like the solid feel of this ball and it does seem to go a bit further if I make solid contact with the ball. My guess would be maybe 10 or 15 yards as compared to my regular ball (lets just say swooshy kind of ball). On shorter par fours this can make a difference because I'm generally pretty good with the shorter irons.

  • Michael G. - Horrible range, spotty connection, SLOW.

    The range is terrible. The signal drops out randomly, the throughput is SLOW and the seller was cute enough to charge more than the purchase price for return shipping, meaning this CANNOT be returned. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

  • wkmill - Con Artists

    This company are experts at being cons. Don't waste your time and money. Way over priced for product results.

  • Gayle - Webroot - The Best

    I have been with Webroot since I purchased my first laptop over 10 years ago. I have never had a problem with anything. Even when a major virus tried to come through, it stopped it immediately. I took my computer to a place to check my laptop, and they said it was a Trojan that tried to come through but Webroot caught it and cleaned it out fast. I never know when the software is running as it runs fast and smooth.

  • Ali Tadayon - A computer on wheels not a car

    Best car I've ever owned, I wouldn't even call it a car it's a computer the transports you. This is a Silicon Valley car it improves over time it's not your typical Detroit / ICE vehicle.

  • Ted Eddings - Preferred 2010 version. Some older features are now missing. Liked older version better.

    Harder to navigate on some things. Liked by 2010 version better. Harder to find checks and info on them. Prefer older version more. Old version no longer supported on quickbooks tax service.

  • Abraham E Kurland - This was bad. Although it looks straight in the picture

    This was bad. Although it looks straight in the picture, mine actually was never straight. The material they use for this is so flimsy that mine actually kept folding over. What good is a mousepad that's not straight?