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  • Holly Clowers - Fantastic Product - Best Non-Destructive Way to Clean Shingles and Probably Everything Else!!

    This product is absolutely amazing!! I don't understand any negative reviews here. Some areas of our expensive architectural shingles were looking really green and nasty (we live in a large home in the woods with lots of shade especially on the north backside) and asked many local roofers and gutter cleaner types, etc. who wanted to pressure wash the shingles - that's about as bad an idea as I've ever heard and no way that's happening. I also had a section cleaned by 'professionals' years ago probably with muriatic acid which promptly destroyed that section of gutter (ate the bottom out) - never again. This product is claimed neutral and won't harm such. Easily diluted to specs, poured in an old pump sprayer that magically still worked, got a ladder, and WOW!! Shingles were bone-dry as per instructions, in early morning and relatively cool, soaked 'em down, and by the next day (no rain!!) you could already see the difference. After the first rain over 90% of mold, algae, etc. were gone and after two weeks they look like new. My torture test was a small area of shingles that literally was bright green from algae and never got any sun - again after a couple weeks now and two rains they look like new. I'd never have believed it. And sooo easy to put on. Toward the roof peaks the problem was never very noticeable but you can actually see the line (as far as my pump sprayer would reach maybe 3-4' from the roof peak) where the spray stopped - everything below that was treated looks better!! Gotta pump the sprayer up more and get all the way. Product doesn't specify brick but that's my next project - all the nasty stuff skirting the house - tried a section yesterday and it looks almost perfect today so I don't see any issues (I've had offers to pressure wash my brick also which I kindly declined). If you follow the instructions this product is amazing and i'm ordering up a dozen gallons to do the driveway and everything else. A warning about pets but we don't have any.

  • Alyssa Bruno - WOW!

    I have never written a review before but I felt it was completely necessary this time... I ordered two bottles because of the good reviews I saw and because I was becoming desperate. My overall goal is to grow longer hair because I cut my hair a year ago and it has grown back very slowly since then and I hate having a short cut -it just doesn't suite me.... So when I received this product, I upped the dosage to 3-4 pills a day and have been so excited about the quick results. I've only went through 1.5 bottles and my hair has already grown 4 inches longer. I just ordered 5 more bottles because it's working so well! My hair is shinier, stronger, and overall much healthier since I started taking these. I am very satisfied so thank you so very much!

  • Danielle :D - This is seriously an awesome product! I love it

    This is seriously an awesome product! I love it!! I use it everyday and would not change anything about it. It's great and is a great quality. It seems like it will last me forever. I recommend this product to all of my friends and family. It's awesome!! I will definitely be using this quite frequently! I received this product for a discounted price for my honest and unbiased opinion. When I accept invitations to receive items to review, I promise that I will post my unbiased opinion with the intent of helping Amazon customers make the right buying decision for them and also to increase awareness of the item that will help reduce returns. Please note that if this review is labeled “verified purchase,” the item came from Amazon stock and you can be assured that what I received is representative of what you will receive when you order from this listing.

  • RALPH MOSCHELLA - Great skis!

    My husband bought these for me for Christmas and I am so glad he did! These are the lightest and most responsive skis ever! The first day out on them there was 12 inches of fresh powder. These carved thru it effortlessly! The next couple of day were groomed and hard packed. The skis kept me cruising and shussing all day long and in complete control. I am looking forward to a long and happy relationship with both the skis and the husband!