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sex therapist nyc|couples sex therapist|Stephen Snyder MD - Premier AASECT-certified NYC sex therapist and couples' sex therapist. Knowledge and experience make all the difference. New York Magazine Best Doctor.

  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/about-stephen-snyder-md/ sex therapy nyc | sex counseling nyc | Stephen Snyder MD - New York Magazine Best Doctor Stephen Snyder MD - sex therapist with 25 years experience helping NYC individuals and couples with sex + relationship issues.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/about-stephen-snyder-md/frequently-asked-questions/ Frequently Asked Questions | Stephen Snyder MD - Sex therapy is just psychotherapy with a focus on sex. But there are major differences between sex therapy + other therapies. Here are answers to some FAQs.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/about-stephen-snyder-md/affiliations/ Stephen Snyder MD Professional Affiliations - Sex therapist Stephen Snyder MD's professional affiliations include SSTAR, AASECT, and the faculty of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai in New York.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/practice/ Sex Therapy NYC | Stephen Snyder MD | My Practice - Finding a sex therapy NYC provider isn't easy, but this website is a good place to start. For 25+ years I've helped men, women, and couples find their way.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/practice/sex-therapy-for-women/ Sex Therapy For Women | NYC Sex Therapist - If you think sex and relationships have more to offer you, then I invite you to try Sex Therapy for women. I've had success with hundreds of women patients.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/practice/sex-therapy-for-men/ Sex Therapy for Men | Sex Therapist NYC - Sex therapy for men who suffer from ED, performance anxiety, PE, inability to ejaculate, or loss of desire. New York Magazine Best Doctor Stephen Snyder MD.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/couples-sex-therapy/ Couples Sex Therapy | Sex Therapy for Couples - Couples sex therapy can help partners heal, re-bond, or just take their sexual relationship to a new level. New York Magazine Best Doctor Stephen Snyder MD.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/practice/sex-therapist-ny/ MD Sex Therapist NY | Counseling and Medication for Sex - As an MD sex therapist in NY, I specialize in the most difficult and complex problems. I've worked with over 1,500 men, women, and couples in New York City.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/speaking-engagements/ Speaker on Sexual Issues | Sex Therapist NYC - Stephen Snyder MD’s warm, accessible style and impeccable academic credentials have made him a go-to expert in the media and speaker on sexual issues.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/blog/ sex blog | sex blogger and sex therapist Stephen Snyder MD - The Sexuality Resource blog is more than just a sex blog: Get the latest articles on sexuality research, sex in society, and new ideas in sexual health.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/press/ sex therapist nyc | press | Stephen Snyder MD - NYC sex therapist Stephen Snyder MD on NBC Today, Inside Edition, Men's Health, Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, Elle, The Atlantic, New York Magazine, Glamour
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/contact-stephen-snyder-md/ Contact Stephen Snyder MD | 115 Central Park West NYC - Sex therapy and relationship therapy consultation in NYC - contact Stephen Snyder MD 212-875-9800. Faculty, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/sexual-health-101-a-new-online-resource-for-students/ Sexual Health 101: A New Online Resource for Students - NYC sex therapist Stephen Snyder MD on a new online sexual health resource that helps young adults make sexual decisions based on their authentic feelings.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/addyi-flibanserin/ Addyi (Flibanserin): 25 Things You Need to Know - Ask your doctor about Addyi? There aren't many doctors yet who know much about it. Some basics from NYC sex therapist Stephen Snyder MD to get you started.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/pink-viagra-7-things-the-new-york-times-got-wrong/ 7 Things New York Times Got Wrong About Pink Viagra - I counted 7 Things the NY Times Got Wrong in their Op-Ed piece on Pink Viagra. The article seemed especially in need of a systematic rebuttal. Here it is.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/project/sex-talk-and-the-sexual-self/ Sex Talk and the Sexual Self - Stephen Snyder MD - Sex Talk can be intimidating for people. Sex writer Maria Yagoda asked NYC sex expert Dr Stephen Snyder about how couples can communicate better about sex.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/project/is-sexless-marriage-on-the-rise/ Is Sexless Marriage On the Rise? - Stephen Snyder MD - Sexless marriage and sexless relationships may be increasing - and it's often the man who's lost desire. Sophie St Thomas interviews Dr Stephen Snyder.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/project/sex-addiction-how-much-is-too-much/ Sex Addiction: How Much is Too Much? - Stephen Snyder MD - How much sex is too much? When might it be a sex addiction? Men's Fitness' Justin DeMarco interviews several sex experts on this controversial topic.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/project/the-mystery-of-mens-erections/ Glamour Magazine Gets Interested in Men's Erections - Stephen Snyder MD explains to Glamour's Suzanne Weiss why men so often lose their erections at the worst moment, and why it's usually not a woman's fault.

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