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  • Michael Dobey - this one delivers on thrills.

    On blu ray this looks as good as it did at the theater. It's not supposed to deep filmmaking , instead it's a thrill ride of complete disaster. It's over the top and exciting and that's good enough. If you analyze films like these too deeply then you miss the point, it just lays down a the basic disaster senario on a larger scale. A family tries to survive, ... well everything in this one. However some past flicks like 'earthquake' which should be on blu ray didn't have all the main characters survive and used model work instead of cgi which in this case looks awesome. This is just a fast flick with lots of action so I can't complain, it's not about a real disaster. Hello, the Mayans thought they'd still be around in 2012, so take the calender end of the world thing with a grain of salt. Now if you want a real disaster just look at all of the plastic clogging up everything, lakes, streams, the oceans, but the giant plastic pollution disaster is not going to make a great fun flick. This is worth watching and owning on blu ray , just don't overanalyze this disaster flick, or any of them for that movie. Disaster movies are escapist fun.

  • Yi Teh Liu - Easy install on BOB stroller

    BOB definitely got this attachment right in regards to easy install and release from BOB strollers. All you have to do is slide it into the correct ports on the BOB stroller. You can than slide the baby car seat into the adapter. In order to ensure it is secure it has two main safeties, the car seat will click into the stroller and then the BOB has a seat belt that will slide through your car seat. Easy to use, and my wife and I have already taken our new born on multiple walks with our BOB and BOB infant car seat adapter.

  • Keem - Best floor mats money can buy.

    Love them. Easy to clean and keeps my floors clean. Especially with all this snow we been getting. Best thing ever made.

  • Joseph Feinhandler - Easy install and a perfect fit

    Much cheaper than the oem option and you can't tell the difference. I also have a hookup for thule products at wholesale and these are still cheaper. They are good quality and mount solid with no worries. I would suggest using your own Allen wrench instead of the one they give you because it's just a little undersized and can strip the fastener. I was going to replace with ss fasteners but once it was on and I saw how solid it was there's no need. If I ever pull them off I will but as long as they are staying on the jeep there's no need

  • Karolyn L. Gibbs - Must try the spice cake with the secret ingredient!

    I have tried almost all of the recipes in this publication and they are easy and delicious. Can't wait for the next edition.

  • Caleb Vogt - Great book

    Provides a comprehensive overview of the science needed for the MCAT. It won't substitute for taking good classes to get this knowledge, but it is a great way to review and brush up on some of the things you may forget.